Kamal Hassan’s ‘KH House of Khaddar’ brand welcomes NYC Fashion Sustainability Bill


Actor-politician Kamal Haasan ventured into fashion last year with the launch of his fashion brand “KH House of Khaddar”. House of Khaddar, which launched last year in Chicago, is an environmentally conscious fashion brand that aims to end exploitation and create a sustainable and responsible ecosystem.

The brand has now hosted the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act, also known as the Fashion Act, which was unveiled in New York.

KH House of Khaddar Welcomes New York Fashion Sustainability Bill

New York’s recently unveiled Fashion Sustainability Bill is set to be a game-changer in the global fashion industry. In an age where fashion brands continually cause damage to the environment, this bill, if passed, will effectively hold top fashion brands to account for their role in climate change. The brand recently launched by actor-politician Kamal Haasan ‘KH House of Khaddar’ in collaboration with designer Amritha Ram, has welcomed the bill.

In a statement shared on Instagram, the company said:

What seemed to some to be an eccentric act now turns out to be a well-centered launch at a very appropriate time – a vision seen, adapted and performed by Mr. Kamal Haasan @ikamalhaasan in KH House of Khaddar @khhouseofkhaddar KHHK does not celebrate the opportunity to be exploited, on the contrary KHHK is proud to participate in the creation of this opportunity for all and to create a responsible and sustainable way of life both for the urban consumer and his true partner the rural craftsman. KHHK is the pioneer in building a 100% ecological brand. We purchase the fabric directly from the weaving communities and each fabric is meticulously hand dyed with organic dyes. We have no chemical waste from our products and therefore we have no carbon footprint. KHHK was started in the west and we are proud to model every principle enshrined in the proposed bill.

KH House of Khaddar is a pioneer in creating a 100% eco-friendly brand where they source the fabric directly from the weavers and each fabric is hand dyed with organic dyes. They have zero chemical waste and therefore zero carbon footprint. Kamal Hassan had previously launched the brand via his Instagram and wrote: “Our weavers are blessed with an important place. Dear West, follow the thread that will lead you to our story. Bravo Khaddar said KHHK !! (sic)”

(Image: @ khhouseofkhaddar / Instagram)

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