Jun Ashida Tokyo Spring 2022 Collection


Technology and fashion go hand in hand, especially right now. As designers searched for new ways to present their collections after the pandemic, they relied heavily on the latest developments in photo and video. For Tae Ashida, Creative Director of Jun Ashida, that meant presenting one of Tokyo’s oldest brands through the prism of technology. Ashida made her debut in the brand’s spring lineup in a video by director Shimizu Yasuhiko, shot on the Latest Cannons using volumetric video, filming with thousands of 360-degree lenses. The fully dressed models walked for a few seconds, but every angle of what they were wearing was captured in high definition. Making clothes beautiful in resolutions and angles beyond what the human eye can perceive takes effort, but Ashida enjoyed the challenge. “It was such an interesting way to film,” she told Zoom. “It had been a long time since we last presented the Jun Ashida line during Fashion Week, and we wanted to film the collection in a way that felt futuristic.

As a second generation designer, Ashida grew up seeing the evolution of her father’s work. When she took over the brand, she was aware of this history, and her spring collection revisits a few silhouettes that first appeared three decades ago. Among them were a tiered crimson evening dress and black and white dresses with graphic shapes. “We went to the archives, but we reorganized things a bit,” Ashida said. “We use my dad’s design, but it doesn’t look old because we stripped things away and created this great blend of tradition and innovation. When you see these dresses, they feel modern, but they have this wonderful heritage. “

Going into the archives meant considering how the brand’s current customers differ from their predecessors. “We had to think about what they would like to wear after sitting for so long, how they will approach clothing when next summer comes and they can go out and be active again,” said Ashida. . “I played a lot with made-to-measure jackets; they have become for me these symbols of re-entry into the world. There are also many pants in the collection in different manufactures, as you want to have something that makes you feel comfortable and options that you can live and work in without feeling dressed. The desire for a beautiful evening dress, a stunning going out blazer, and easy-to-accessorize accessories never falters, and Ashida’s versions have thrilled audiences.


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