Javier Zinzun Jr., the world’s number one boxing creator, has millions of fans watching his art – Ring News 24


The world’s #1 boxing designer, Javier Zinzun Jr., known for his influential streetwear take on boxing ring apparel, has had a huge 2022 so far, and the year isn’t even over. In just five months, Zinzun has been in many of the most watched boxing fights the sport has seen, with millions of fans watching his art.

“I’m blessed to have continued to work with the best fighters in all aspects of the sport of boxing, whether it’s the most followed young professional boxer in Ryan Garcia, or major influencers entering boxing like idubbbz, DAD or Justaminx,” Zinzun said, reflecting on her work this year. “I’m so grateful to be able to create memorable outfits that match fighters’ performances in the ring and create iconic moments in history. I try to do my best to make the most of this moment. of my life.

For those unaware, Zinzun continued his longtime relationship with Ryan Garcia, designing his ring outfit for his fight against Emmanuel Tagoe. Zinzun’s work was in the spotlight last weekend when he designed David Morrell’s outfit for his impressive stoppage win over Kalvin “Hot Sauce” Henderson, and designed Yordenis Ugas’ ring outfit for his victory over the legend, Manny Pacquiao.

Recently, Zinzun was entrusted by many YouTubers who were making the leap into boxing as part of the Creator Clash event held in Florida. iDubbbz, Hundar (Muscle Party), DAD, Arin Hanson (GameGrumps) and JustaMinx all had custom outfits designed by the hardest working fashion designer in the fighting world.

“Everyone I work with is family, and whether it’s your first fight or a PPV fight, I want you to step into the ring proudly in your custom outfit, built just for them,” Zinzun said, the creator of IGMOB. “I’m extremely loyal to every fighter I work with and want their ring attire to be perfect, just like the way they train. The same expectation they have in the ring is the same I have on ring attire. I demand the same excellence of myself that fighters demand on fight night.


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