Japanese art site Pixiv now lets you create your own 3D model for free, and in English!


With a library of over 350 items, you can create an original model even if you are not an artist! So we did.

With the recent boom in Virtual YouTubers it seems like everyone and their shonen dog are entering the virtual avatar scene, which is why we’ve seen so many VTuber apps and “make your own” voice modulators on the internet.

And now Japanese site Pixiv, which serves as a hub for both original illustrators and fan artists, has chosen to step into the ring with its own free software.

Plus, the best part is, you don’t need all of a sudden artistry! Softwares, VRoid Studio, comes with a well-stocked asset library that allows you to adjust the character model to your liking and even dress them up in stylish threads.

The official software trailer is live on YouTube.

The program is available even outside of Japan and even has an English interface, as I learned when I decided to download it for myself.

Notably, the program is less than a gigabyte and not particularly demanding – it worked perfectly well on a standard laptop. The interface is also simple enough that you can jump in like I did.

â–¼ First, choose to create a new character.
It asks you to choose their genre presentation style.

As I am not a particularly talented 3D artist or well versed in how to rig digital elements, I decided to stick to the assets provided for the majority. My goal was to recreate myself in anime format as best as possible.

Then you are prompted to take one of the related tutorials for beginners as well as experienced artists, or to make a new model.

â–¼ The default template can be changed using the tabs at the top, subsections on the left, and adjustments on the right.

You can progress gradually through the tabs at the top, using the options on the left and the details sliders on the right to polish your design.

Select eye shapes, irises, positions, then customize colors.

â–¼ There are a bunch of hairstyles to play around with, and things can get really crazy when you start to customize them.

After much discussion with various menus, I had made a pretty decent approximation of my fitness.

Eyebags and all!

▼ But something was missing….

Oh that’s right. Clothes.

While VRoid Studio has a fun array of comfy and comfy outfits, there was no hope of finding a cute cartoon crab shirt like the one I wore. It’s time to adapt that personalization content!

Please have mercy! I used a mouse to draw this.

To be fair to Pixiv here, this personalized clothing display is incredibly easy to use and with tons of options. It is easy to imagine a skilled artist making beautiful threads on their model with very little effort.

Once you have finished dressing your character, the last screen of the modding glove is “Accessories”. It only offers two types by default: glasses or animal ears.

Just glasses, thank you.

After completing your model, you can click the camera icon at the top right of the screen to take a little photoshoot with your model, guide her through poses, configure wind effects and photo filters, and even import photos to use as backgrounds.

â–¼ Squatting pose and comic filter!

The models produced in VRoid Studio are totally free to usewhether for commercial or non-commercial use, which is great news for any potential VTuber who has been held up by the price tags of designing / assembling a 3D avatar.

After you’ve created your model, you can upload it to Pixiv’s dedicated VRoid Hub where you can view, rate, and upload other models, as well as take photos in an array of digital locales. This is currently limited to the VRoid Hub library, but hopefully in the future we will see collaborations with other digital events so you can witness it in your 3D character.

If you are interested, you can download the software for free via their official website for Steam, Windows or Mac OS. Let us know if you make your own digital avatar and share it in the comments!

Source: VRoid Studio Going through Netlab
Top image: YouTube / VRoid project
Insert images: VRoid Studio
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