Jaden Smith on his Trippy Summer ’22 collection and mushrooms


Jaden Smith says he loves when it rains.

It’s a pretty fitting prospect for the co-founder of MSFTSrep, whose brand ethos reads: “Today I hope you run through the forest, swim in the depths of the ocean, bask stand at sunset and gaze up at the stars.”

The environment comes first Summer 22 Trippy Collection, which includes water-printed t-shirts, jackets and pants, rainbow knit vests and more. “I just want to help change the world and the fashion industry when it comes to sustainability,” he says, noting that while the clothes are playful and nod to psychedelics, they’re also an ode to nature and help speak to what the future of a mushroom-powered planet might look like, both environmentally and spiritually.

When I sit with him in Toronto before the Trippy Summer pop-up at Holt Renfrew, (he’s also in town as part of his run on Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour) he styled some of the bold, bright, and delightfully psychedelic pieces reminiscent of ’60s hippie culture. He’s wearing MSFTSrep’s blue and orange print puffer jacket over straight-leg jeans adorned with the brand’s rainbow star logo. It’s a vibrant mix of hues that perfectly encapsulates the happy, kaleidoscopic mix of wavy patterns and aquatic prints behind the latest collection, and as he points out, serves as a way to expand one’s consciousness.

Image via Holt Renfrew

Reflecting on MSFTSrep’s 10th anniversary, he shares how he thinks fashion empowers people, his advice to young designers and his vision for the future of the MSFTS community.

The interview, slightly edited for clarity, is below.

Obviously, the collection draws inspiration from the 60s. And I mean, the counterculture of that era speaks to so many things, from music to civil rights. So what really drew you to it [era]?
Learn more about psychedelics. It is mainly inspired by [the time] towards the end of the 60s, kind of like if Woodstock was happening now, what would people wear there, you know what I mean? So, you know, that’s just a small part of that in a bigger, bigger picture, because Trippy Summer is something that happens every year. So really, the collection is about expanding our consciousness, you know, and helping people understand that they have access to other states of consciousness within them.

Keep an open mind and keep growing.

“We’re trying to create the conditions for someone to go into Trippy Summer and go into a mystical state and really have a life-changing epiphany, because it’s happened to me before. And that’s why I do this.

I was also going to touch on the fact that during the 1960s, the environmental movement was really big at that time. I know you’ve been a really big advocate for sustainability, so why is it a priority when it comes to something like this?
I just want to help change the world and the fashion industry when it comes to sustainability, and I want to use more products that… I want people to use more recycled plastic and I want people to use more vegan leather . I want people to use more recycled materials in general. I pray that one day second-hand clothes will be part of every major collection in the world, where we go back and save clothes, and we reuse old clothes in our new collections to use something old to create something new. I think that’s really important.

Jaden Smith in a blue puffer jacket and black hoodie
Image via Holt Renfrew

Saving is so important these days that I feel like it’s become such a cool thing on its own. So I feel like if other people start getting into it more, it’s going to continue.

And then, the clothes also aim to empower young people. Why do you think fashion is such an important tool to be able to do that, to allow us to express ourselves?
Because I feel like when you wear clothes, they can also help you express who you are through those clothes and say, “You know, I’m that type of person or I’m that type of person. . It is really very important. You know what I mean? Like, “Hey, I feel that about the world, I feel that about the world.” These things are really important when it comes to making clothes. And you know, when you wear clothes, it can kind of express so much about you, so we think we want to make sure that we express things on behalf of our audience and MSFTS, and that they can wear clothes and being like “Yeah, I feel seen when I wear this” or “I can give a part of myself when I wear this and show people who I really am or what I believe in”, you know , and push the world forward in very small ways.

You know, my goal is to make shirts that really make people think, like really make people think. One of the things that we are [doing with] the garments this year are…the purpose is to create the conditions for a spiritual epiphany. And that is what MSFTSrep is. So we’re trying to create the conditions for someone to walk into Trippy Summer and go into a mystical state and really have a life-changing epiphany, because that’s happened to me before. And that’s why I do this.

Trippy Summer pop-up at Holt Renfrew
Image via Holt Renfrew

It’s kind of a trippy thing because it ties into the whole idea of ​​shrooms and psychedelics. So, is there a particular trip you’ve been on that kind of shaped that? Or were there several?
It was a series of journeys that really helped me realize that I had to go out into the world and really push this movement and I had to be a psychedelic world leader. You know, that’s how I feel – I really don’t need to walk across the bridge myself and see something amazing and not tell anyone. I really want people to know that, hey, there [are] other things inside of us that can help us in so many different ways to talk about mental health. Psychedelic therapy is going to be something that’s happening more and more around the world, and we’ll see what happens with legislation all over the world in the years to come because things are really on a fast track to change and moving towards more of a psychedelic, mystical future where we can really study these things.

“I just feel like in general, the power of mushrooms is something we need to cultivate for the future of humanity. And not just with psychedelics.

Yeah, I was gonna say, I mean, people said the same thing about weed and now it’s legal here.
Yes Yes. That’s the whole story.

I had also noticed that some of the photos you shared from the collection, they are all in little rainbow Polaroids. And Polaroid is also very retro, and kind of fits into the whole idea of ​​that. So tell me a bit about how this affects everything.
Oh, we just love them, and we have a great partnership with Instax, and we love the company. And yes, we work together a lot and we love this aesthetic for Trippy Summer. And then we can just be in the field, actually on shrooms or something and take these photos and then use them and post them and say, “Yeah, this is real. It’s a real thing.

Yeah, I’m right here, you know, sounding the alarm for the other psychedelic leaders of the world to all come together to really make a difference. I just want to say this too, here, that there’s also science that shows you can grow table-shaped mushrooms, or you can grow [them] shaped like packaging to eliminate the need for polystyrene. The mycelial network spans the entire planet and there is a fungus that eats plastic, there is a fungus that eats oil from oil spills. Penicillin was invented from [fungi]. Mushrooms are so smart. So, I just feel like in general, mushroom power is something we need to cultivate for the future of humanity. And not just with psychedelics.

“If you are reading this article right now and you are a young designer and would like to work for MSFTSrep, contact us as we are always looking for other young people.”

Yeah, there’s also mushroom leather.
Yeah, mushroom leather, that’s a huge thing for us that we’re already using in our next collections. [There are] so many things with mushrooms.

A clothes rack in front of a colorful wall
Image via Holt Renfrew

Do you have any advice for other young up-and-coming designers? I mean, you were so young when you started this.
I’d be like, “Yo, keep going.” Even if you don’t completely have your voice at first, you can find it if you really stick with it. And maybe you’ll get your voice in the beginning, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. The first thing is [to] go out there and try to make it happen, and if you really want to design and that’s what you want to do, contact us. We love working with young designers. We love working with new people. If you are reading this article right now and you are a young designer and want to work for MSFTSrep, contact us as we are always looking for other young people. And you know, that’s what it’s all about. It is this platform for the young designer to discover his voice and then stand out.

MSFTS is therefore 10 years old this year. In the next 10 years, what do you hope to accomplish with the community and with the brand?
I hope to build schools all over the world and help children [who] experience mental health issues within schools and the way schools are structured. It drains our sanity. I think the signs are very clear and it doesn’t help us become the best versions of ourselves all the time. But it’s not just about complaining about things that are wrong, it’s about making them better.

So that’s going to be my biggest dream, to build schools and retreats where people can go, take psychedelics and learn about themselves and eat vegan food and just go to a full retreat, get a massage, work out and doing art, working out and then going to therapy sessions, going to rehab sessions, you know, improving their bodies and stuff. Real big changes. We’re making clothes right now, but that’s not our end goal, selling clothes in 10 years – we will, but that’s not going to be our main goal.


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