Interior trends 2022: the biggest trend of the year revealed


Interior trends change from year to year, with some becoming iconic and enduring and others being quickly replaced. One trend set to be the “biggest” of 2022 is biophilic design. The demand for biophilic design is already skyrocketing 200% and it is expected to be integrated into many property interiors this year.

Vicky Salmon, chief florist at Interflora, said biophilic interior design is “becoming more and more popular as we enter 2022”.

She added: “More of us are looking to bring elements from the outdoors into our homes, populating areas with plants that have both physical and mental well-being benefits as well as being aesthetically beautiful. to watch.”

Biophilic design focuses on the human connection between nature and the environment.

The interior design trend is integrating plants and nature into the homeowner’s daily space.

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Vicky said peace lilies can improve the quality of your sleep.

She said: “As we all know, sleep is an essential function that helps your body recharge. Without sufficient or quality sleep, people often find it difficult to perform daily tasks.

“If you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep, peace lilies are the perfect flower for you.

“They help filter indoor air and increase and increase humidity, which helps you breathe better.

The houseplant can also be placed on a shelf or in a hanging pot and allowed to drape and grow.

rubber factory

Rubber plants are also great for biophilic design.

Vicky said this herb can provide “incredible health benefits.”

She said, “Not only does this plant make the perfect aesthetic addition to your biophilic design, it also has incredible health benefits.

“The plant helps remove pollutants from the air such as carbon dioxide.

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