Inside Liverpool’s favorite designer store ‘Hush Luxe’ with an army of fans and celebrity customers


A pre-loved designer clothing store in Liverpool has amassed an army of Instagram followers who are obsessed with the unique business idea.

Created by Tom Fowler, Hush Luxury has been in the Baltic Triangle for four years and is run by Tom, his wife Sarah and their team. The store sells pre-loved designer clothes for women, men and children.

Speaking to ECHO, Tom said: ‘I used to visit car boot sales on Edge Lane and Bootle and resell clothes on different auction sites. I have always been involved in clothing retail in one form or another and graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University 15 years ago in clothing design and technology.”

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Hush Luxe isn’t just for Liverpudlians. Tom said: “We regularly work with local fashion influencers and stylists, like Saffie Khan and Ellie Caffrey, but we have a global clientele of all ages. We have regular customers in Mexico, USA and Australia.

“It’s exciting that pre-loved clothes from Liverpool are currently being worn in places like New York and Sydney. Our studio on Jordan Street is open seven days a week to the public and has constantly different and expanded ranges for everyone. world.

Local fashion influencer Saffie Khan who Hush Luxe works with.

“We also have many high profile clients in the UK, and our garments are regularly used on high profile shoots for glossy magazines like ‘Hello’. Colleen Rooney has purchased from us in the past for her and her boys. She also donated clothes and shoes to help us raise money for charity – we are grateful for her support.”

Many pre-loved designer products come through the door of Hush Luxe, but one in particular has captured Tom’s heart. He explained: “It has to be the iconic Timmy Woods Eiffel Tower bag made famous by Carrie in Sex and the City. We received this bag last year in perfect condition. Since the return of the series, these have become extremely difficult to find and are often in poor condition, with the paint chipping easily.

Tom thinks the trend of pre-loved designer clothes has become increasingly popular over the past few years. He explained: “People have become much more aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion and now see buying pre-loved items as a way to combat it. Many more of our customers are now actively buying used items to help the environment. We are committed to planting a tree for every purchase through our partnership with It’s free.

“Plus, there are huge savings to be made. We always seek to offer the best value to our customers and regularly sell items for up to 70% off the original sale price. With the daily cost of living rising, buying second-hand items is a great way to save money while still looking stylish. »

Hush Luxe has a store on Jordan Street, Liverpool.
Hush Luxe has a store on Jordan Street, Liverpool.

Many businesses in Liverpool have encountered a struggle in recent years due to the pandemic. Things got even worse for Hush Luxe when it was broken into during the first lockdown. Tom explained: “It was quite devastating as we lost a lot of stock and the premises were destroyed. Due to the burglary, we had to move to Jordan Street.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped us during this time. This was extremely problematic as places like rental vans were closed! We were able to continue to bargain online, but things like evening dress sales were a big hit, with customers opting for sportswear and loungewear instead. All our operations in contact with customers had to stop.

Hush Luxe recently hit 20,000 subscribers on Instagram, an important milestone for the company. Tom said: “Obviously we would like to see that growth continue. We are currently working on a new website and want to expand operations for men and children on Instagram. We are also working to make our studio more accessible to the public and the huge amount of stock more accessible, so please come visit!

Hush Luxe is located at 4 Jordan St, Liverpool, L1 0BP. You can shop online here and follow the retailer on Instagram here.

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