In the closet of Alejandra Alonso Rojas


Alejandra Alonso Rojas‘ has made a name for itself with collections bathed in resplendent saturated hues. So we were extremely pleased to discover that the walls of her downtown Manhattan apartment (where her team had spent the day before hand-dying 20 silks for their latest collection) are awash in those same sunny hues. A wall smeared in electric pink alludes to the shades present within it Pre-Fall 2022 Collection and there is a startling resemblance between the prints of a floral wall and a bustier dress from her Fall 2020 collection. Her home (and her closet, in particular) reads like an ode to her designs because in her mind, there is little delineation between self-expression and her work.

Born in Madrid, Rojas first studied commerce. She attended graduate school at the Art Institute of Chicago, honed her skills with designers like Nicholas K and Anna Sui, then launched her namesake brand in 2016. She spent that first year or two at give her design what she thought her audience wanted. . “After a few seasons,” she says, “I just realized that if I didn’t want to wear something from the collection, it was over.” Rojas removed factors such as age and formality from the equation and began creating a casual luxury line that she believed in. A 70 year old and a 30 year old can buy the same costume. The first will wear it with a blouse while the second will reveal everything with a bra. “I feel like it’s been a lot more successful since I took the fuzzy line out of the equation.”

A natural progression, Rojas’ own designs dominate her wardrobe. “I represent the brand,” she says. “I like to wear my own clothes, but it also helps me understand the brand, like what do I need to evolve?” Although cameos from other designers are rare, you can find them among her accessories collection and in the labels of a few dresses – Josep Font de Delpozo designed her wedding dress. Overwhelmed by saturation, her creations and what she wears afterwards are moving. Pinks, blues and yellows make the wearer and the viewer feel something. “I’m a mood setter,” she explains. Have the blues? Can we suggest a shade of chewing gum to brighten your spirits.


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