I’m an interior designer and parents always make the same mistakes with their kids rooms – it looks so cheesy


DECORING your child’s room can be difficult to achieve.

You want them to have a fun space where they can express their own personality, but you still want something they won’t grow out of in a few months.


Parents might regret painting their child’s room in bright colorsCredit: Alamy
Avoid superhero themes if you want the style to last


Avoid superhero themes if you want the style to lastCredit: Getty

Some will look great in your child’s bedroom well into their teenage years and others will just scream bad taste – but it’s not easy to get it right.

Vicki Foster, interior designer at ScS, told Fabulous what to consider when decorating a child’s room.

Children have a “more is more” approach when it comes to decorating their own rooms.

After all, why have a pink, glittery unicorn when you could have 10?

Unfortunately, this approach is not only a huge waste of money since they’ll be onto the next obsession before you know it, but it will also make the room sticky.

Vicki says: “Children’s decorating tends to be loud and colorful and while it’s fine to accept that, too much can quickly become overwhelming and sticky.

“Take a ‘less is more’ approach here and let fewer pieces stand out, rather than having fillers fighting for attention.

“Doing this, in addition to adopting this neutral color scheme, will also make the room feel larger.”

One of the main things parents will want to keep in mind when decorating a child’s room is the longevity of the design.

It can be tempting to stick cute cartoon characters on the walls, but doing so will create more work for you down the line.

Vicki says, “If you’re working on a tight budget for redecorating, the key is to plan ahead – make the room something your child will grow into, not out of it.

“Don’t be led by cartoons and superheroes because the next trend will be right around the corner and the space will instantly become dated.”

Instead, the pro recommends “a lovely neutral color palette that can be accented with colorful furnishings like bedding, throw pillows, lampshades, and rugs.

“These can be easily replaced with new colors and patterns at a more cost-effective rate later on, as the child’s tastes change over time.”

According to the professional, opting for paint over wallpaper will also work better in the long run, as wallpaper can tear and is usually more expensive to replace.

If your child writes the alphabet on expensive wallpaper, you don’t have many options for cleaning it up, but if you opt for paint, it may be easier to remove.

“Keeping leftover paint and filling in specific areas will help keep the room looking fresh.”

Another thing to keep in mind when decorating a child’s room is the ease of cleaning.

Accidents are inevitable, but if you plan for them in advance, they will be much easier to manage.

That’s why choosing furniture is so important, according to Vicki, who says it’s essential to choose furniture that stands up to the mess and the cleaning process.

“It’s common for kids to drop things on the rug,” she adds, “so buy one made from a durable material that can last a child through the ages.”

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“Polypropylene rugs are great for this as they tend to be cleaned with bleach for very stubborn stains.

“To keep the room exciting, opt for a durable rug to tie it all together and inject some extra personality into the space.”

Keep things neutral so it's easy to change as they grow


Keep things neutral so it’s easy to change as they growCredit: Getty
A rug can help tie things together


A rug can help tie things togetherCredit: Alamy
Avoid elaborate wall designs that kids will grow out of earlier


Avoid elaborate wall designs that kids will grow out of earlierCredit: Alamy
Paint will be easier to clean and last longer than wallpaper


Paint will be easier to clean and last longer than wallpaperCredit: Alamy

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