How to wear Acne Studios clothes for any occasion


Few labels, if any, have been able to translate Scandinavian sensibilities into high fashion like Acne Studios.

The Northern European sub-region has a long history of only doing things to the highest standards – be it education, social care or, in this case, making beautiful clothes. This dedication to delivering high standards fuels the minimalist design language that Acne Studios is known for. Avoid gimmicky or garish design and opt for a laser focus on fit and material.

Jonny Johansson, co-founder and creative director of the brand, coined the term “maximalist minimalism” to describe his designs. Creating runways means the brand has to experiment with themes each season and entertain its audience, but no matter how experimental the clothes get, it’s all streamlined with Scandinavian restraint. This Nordic aesthetic informs its collections and translates into garments that simply look great.

The label’s premium pricing is justified by more than its high-quality designs and finishes, Acne Studios has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2008, which rated the label at its highest for social practices in its offer. channel over the past two years.

In keeping with the brand’s theme of maximalist minimalism, we’ve tried to style Acne Studios in the best possible way – with more Acne Studios. One of our house style gurus Jerome Glock walked us through each look he created below.

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keep it flexible

“This fluffy sweater is the dream knit, paired with wide leg pants and you have a comfortable fit.”

Summer is coming

“I was manifesting summer vacation with this look, I can imagine wearing it to a restaurant by the ocean.”

Super laid back

“A hoodie paired with a down jacket is the streetwear uniform for cold days, I’ve been wearing the jumpsuit for years.”

Oversize is for cool kids

“This cut has a slight ‘back to school’ vibe to it. However, I didn’t dress that well in school – and neither did anyone else I knew.”

This everyday spring look

“A good tank top will save you the summer, it’s the type of relaxed fit you’ll see me wearing in the warmer months.”

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