How a Ubisoft game designer working on Assassin’s Creed became a real soldier


The Russian-Ukrainian war has not yet found a peaceful solution. With the war far from over, a Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier took to LinkedIn to highlight the plight of the crisis where it’s not soldiers who are deployed in the army but actually “guys regular”.

The large-scale invasion of Russia brought the Ukrainian economy to its knees and also claimed the lives of several people.

An example of this is Serhiy Todosan, a game designer turned sergeant in the Ukrainian army.

Todosan was previously a game designer at Ubisoft, a video game company based in France. He was working on a development project for the new version of Assassin’s Creed, a game popular among millennials, just two days before the Russian army invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

He was living his best life according to him but he didn’t know that was going to change forever.

Todosan shared two photos. One wearing ordinary clothes when he was a game designer and the other, taken a few months later, dressed as a sergeant in his current role.

He pointed out that the unfortunate part of the whole situation is that the people who have been deployed in the military are not regular soldiers, but ordinary people like dentists, managers, engineers, etc. These people had to give up their dreams and their lives to fight the war.

“We had to change professions immediately and learn as much as we could,” he wrote in the LinkedIn post.

According to the latest reports, thousands of Russian troops have withdrawn from the front lines since the start of this week as Ukraine continues to carry out rescue operations.

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