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Price paid: $ 114
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American Giant is a direct-to-consumer brand that takes pride in producing its apparel exclusively in the United States. With the exception of the Flint and Tinder hoodie, which is also made in the USA, every other hoodie I have purchased has been made in Asia or Central America. What surprised me most about the American Giant was the lifetime warranty, which covers defects in materials (zippers, buttons, fabrics and other components used in construction) and workmanship (stitching and Assembly). It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or accidents, but any warranty on a hoodie is pretty remarkable.

Fabric: 100% combed ringspun cotton fleece. Ringspun cotton is made by twisting and thinning the strands of fibers into a thin but strong rope that is said to be more durable, but also costs more. The inner surface is brushed making it soft and plush.

Weight: American Giant says their fabric weighs 13 ounces per square meter. The weight of a small full size hoodie is 2 pounds, 3 ounces, the second heaviest hoodie I have purchased. It is very warm and thick enough to also serve as a windbreaker.

Fit and comfort: I found this hoodie the most uncomfortable and unflattering. The smallest size is a men’s size and there is no women’s equivalent to this hoodie. The women’s version lacks all of the high-end finishes that I would want in an American Giant hoodie. The fabric is heavy, thick, and quite stiff, so the extra fabric rolls up instead of curtains. What you don’t see in the image above is the amount of fabric that comes together in the back which makes the hoodie look even bigger from behind. The cuffs are very long and quite loose so I can’t pull them up on my arm and when my arms hang down the sleeves fall to my fingertips. This hoodie is heavy but still not as heavy as the Yeezy, and the arms aren’t as long as a lot of other hoodies I’ve tried, but it’s the only one I’ve had adjustment problems. I think it’s because of the fabric and the construction. This thing is built to last, like armor, but that toughness makes it less malleable. The key might be to go for a more fitted waist; this is not an oversized streetwear hoodie. And if you have a smaller frame, you’ll want to skip this one until it makes an extra small one.

Finishes: The contrasting drawstring with metal tips and matching eyelets is sleek and edgy. They should not be confused with laces. But the cord is on the short side and nothing prevents the somewhat slippery cord from slipping into the hood housing. I barely pulled to one side and before I knew it I was stuck trying to pull the cord out of the other end. Pro Tip: Tie off these tips immediately after you get this hoodie. The seams of this hoodie are solid and then certain – the forearms, elbows, shoulders and upper back are all reinforced with additional fabric panels. There is a strip of stitching on the shoulders in the same color as the drawstring. A logo tag is sewn into the lower left hem of the hoodie and there is a tag sewn into the inside of the back.

Color fastness: Care instructions said to wash cold. The hoodie has bled a bit. The white T-shirt I washed it in came out a pale orange.

Narrowing: Care instructions for tumble dry low. It has shrunk 1¼ inches in length in the torso and 2 inches in one sleeve and 1¼ inches in the other. (I didn’t measure both sleeves before washing, so I’m not sure if they were different lengths to begin with.)

Style: This hoodie is sturdy, like an investment piece for some Carhartt guy. The opposite end of the Yeezy’s spectrum. When I put it on I immediately felt the urge to chop wood or load the bed of a van. It looks odd worn with leggings or sportswear and needs something like denim or twill pants to base the outfit on.


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