Here’s why we’d buy the new Toyota Tundra TRD Pro over the 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor


The brand new 2022 Toyota Tundra has made a name for itself in global markets, especially in places where trucks are extremely popular, such as the United States. The third generation model ups the game again – and makes a good impression in the segment, full of big trucks in the North American market.

Toyota is known for its quality, reliability and durability now adds the heritage of the Tundra, and what you get is a model that will further build on its popularity in the full-size truck segment.

The new Tundra has eliminated the weaknesses of the old Tundras, but has much more to offer in its latest avatar, with a new powertrain that produces more power while remaining fuel efficient. Then there is the common need for maximum towing and payload capacity.

Its American-designed infotainment system is just one of the many features customers love – and at an MSRP starting at $35,950, this is one extremely competitively priced truck. But with the beastly Ford -150 Raptor in sight, can the Toyota stand a chance of being better, or is it a draw?

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The Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is ready but intimidating

The new Tundra TRD Pro is being assembled at Toyota Manufacturing Texas in San Antonio, and Toyota designers and engineers in the United States have been burning midnight oil long before the Tundra hits the production line. .

It could be mistaken for a local American truck until you see the Toyota badge. You can see the influence of American design in the details of the Tundra pickup. The entire exterior was designed at Toyota’s North American design studio, Calty Design Research, in California.

Not a hint of Japanese styling, and that’s a good thing because the US market doesn’t want its trucks to look like the Corolla lineup. With his towering and wide stance, we could easily imagine WrestleMania’s The Undertaker stepping in, without being overshadowed by it.

The sharp lines are all there, but so are the slab-like surfaces. It doesn’t just look sturdy; it looks sophisticated. You know it has the latest features the moment you look at it.

Toyota has been optimistic about its truck, and they’re pretty excited to see the result. Toyota considers it an athletic design; we’d say it’s designed to carry a family and their farm animals through a severe storm. Also, there should be no problem towing your Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 on a flatbed trailer!

Some design elements are specific to the Tundra TRD Pro, such as the massive TRD grille, optional 20-inch TRD wheels, lowered TRD sport suspension and a TRD leather-wrapped shift knob. There are skid plates, mud flaps and this 4×4 model has electronic rear differential lock, speed control and multi-terrain selector.

Toyota Tundra TRD has a sporty and technologically heavy cabin

There are plenty of functional parts inside the truck, and it’s hard to nitpick. Storage is plentiful and the center console is so large it makes you feel like a servant inside. There are separate armrests for driver and passenger. It’s common to rest our elbows on the windowsill, especially if it’s a habit, but the good thing here is that your elbow rests easily, not uncomfortably.

It has a reconfigurable 12.3-inch gauge cluster, but again the optional 14-inch center touchscreen infotainment system is likely to make you feel small. It is reported that the system is sensitive to voice commands. Also, pinching and zooming the map works wonderfully. You can connect many smartphones via Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The horizontal layout theme is very different from what you’ll see on other trucks, but the goal was to integrate the dash and center console to blend in with the rest of the cabin. Premium materials are in abundance, including the pads on the dash, doors, and a few other places.

The TRD Pro also gets the “TRD” badge on the lower half of the steering wheel. The red and black theme inside looks great, as long as one of your friends sitting inside isn’t laughing at you.

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Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Hybrid Power Packs

Now that’s where the Toyota needs your attention: it has a 3.5-liter iForce Max V6 engine that develops 437 hp and 583 lb-ft of torque. Since it’s a hybrid, the instant torque is said to be fantastic the moment you pull it. At low speeds, the Tundra runs purely on electricity, but the gas engine springs to life when you put your foot down.

If you need to slow down, the Tundra will revert to its EV mode. Everything is said to work effortlessly; it only shows Toyota’s interest in perfecting its offering. The 10-speed automatic gearbox works like caramel poured into a cup.

The Tundra TRD Pro has an advantage over the Ford F-150 Raptor

Let’s finish with the drawings first. First, the Tundra TRD Pro doesn’t look like a Toyota. It’s big, like any other truck, including the Ford F150. Both trucks can smash a party and the house to pieces – but it’s the Toyota’s muscle that somehow seems easier on the eye.

The Ford appears to want to rob a bank, rushing straight into the safe. Utility-wise, the Ford F-150 outperforms the Toyota, but that’s something Tundra buyers will ignore. Technically, the Toyota packs a lot for the price, making it the value-for-money option here. Ford’s F-150 also packs all the bells and whistles you’d need, but it all doesn’t come cheap. The Toyota simply takes the cake when it comes to price!

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