Henry Cavill helped design Geralt’s new costume


Henry Cavill was involved in the design of Geralt’s new costume as a reflection of Kaer Morhen’s house of the witcher, which debuts in Season 2.

Henry Cavill played a major role in the design of Geralt of Rivia’s new outfit for season 2 of The witcher, emphasizing both practicality from an actor’s point of view and a proper dive into the tradition of the series.

“It’s a new look, and the redesign made it much easier for me to move and fight,” Cavill told the Netflix news site, Tudum. “I helped to design [it] with our wonderful costume designer, Lucinda Wright, and we put a lot of work into it in a very short period of time. “

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The armor features multiple segmented shoulder plates, a different chest piece, and a new arrangement of rivets compared to the gear Geralt sported in Season 1. It also comes from a deeply vital place in the world of The witcher: Kaer Morhen, base of the titular monster slayers caste.

“Geralt must have found new armor, but he hadn’t had a chance to stop anywhere to buy or craft any armor, so he searched the dungeons in Kaer Morhen and found something very old. and from another era, but still usable, “Cavill explained.

The new duds make their big appearance in “What Is Lost,” Season 2, Episode 3. Viewers will see Geralt playing with pieces of the armor shortly after bringing his adopted child, Ciri, to Kaer Morhen. There, Ciri will train to become a witcher, obtaining her own sword and a set of combat clothes by the end of the season.

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In addition to giving his opinion on Geralt’s dress, Cavill was fully invested in his role in The witcher Season 2, despite suffering a hamstring tear on set in December 2020. The injury, which could have ended Cavill’s acting career, required extensive physical therapy in the morning before filming and necessitated the postponement of the action scenes of the season so that the actor could film them after he recovered.

On a lighter note, Cavill also took advantage of the extra time offered by COVID-19 lockdowns to replay Projekt Red’s CD witcher games on their most difficult difficulty settings, calling the experience “really, quite stressful”.

The witcher Season 2 will adapt portions of Blood of the Elves, the second novel in the series of books by Polish author Andrej Sapkowski, as well as parts of Time for contempt and the two anthologies of short stories The last wish and Sword of fate. The season will be released on December 17th. Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix, as is The witcher: the wolf’s nightmare, an anime spin-off film focused on Geralt’s father figure, Vesemir.

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Source: Tudum

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