Hassell announces six new directors at global studios


International design firm Hassell has announced six new directors at their studios in Asia, Australia and the UK. The six directors were promoted within the firm, through 59 promotions in the firm’s nine studios around the world.

“The number of internal promotions again this year highlights our desire to be continually daring and confident in the talents of the company. It’s also great to reflect a balanced representation of our practice, including gender and geographic locations, ”said Hassell CEO Steve Coster.

“These promotions reflect each individual’s contribution to the design of the best places in the world – places people love. He recognizes what they have contributed to date, but more importantly, our confidence that they will continue to make a meaningful leadership contribution in the future, ”he added.

Main promotions

Alix Smith (Melbourne)

An architect experienced in a wide range of project types, Smith brings a global perspective to complement his local knowledge, having also worked in Hassell’s Shanghai studio. A thorough understanding of all phases of the design process enables him to design with a pragmatism that complements his passion for excellence.

Anthony Dickens (London)

One of Hassell’s top workplace designers, Dickens has extensive experience leading interior design projects spanning the corporate workplace, residential and hospitality industry in the UK, in Europe, Australia and Asia. Her in-depth knowledge of the work industry helps her create engaging places that support people and generate positive business results.

Daniel Kallis (Brisbane)

A landscape architect with over 18 years of practice, Kallis has extensive experience encompassing a variety of project types in the public domain, transportation, health, education as well as open space design and master planning. It offers an innovative perspective on the design of public space and is committed to strong conceptual clarity and design rigor in all of its projects.

Catherine van der Heide (London)

A specialist in workspace design, van der Heide has led several award-winning, complex and agile projects, including the Sky Central campus in London. Having worked at Hassell studios in London, Brisbane and Bangkok on a wide range of corporate projects, she has demonstrated her ability to work with the highest quality across geographic boundaries.

Sean Lin (Shanghai)

A landscape architect with nearly 20 years of design experience, Lin has contributed to a variety of award-winning projects at home and abroad, including in Europe, the Middle East and Taiwan as well as mainland China. Skilled at managing the integration and interaction between landscape and city, he works constantly to ensure that all projects balance design and commercial aspects.

Sophie Bond (Perth)

An architect with strong design, communication and coordination skills, Bond has worked on a wide range of projects in the commercial, professional, educational and cultural sectors at all phases of the design process. His experience in architectural and interior design projects at Hassell Studios in Perth, Sydney and London has fostered his collaborative approach to design.

Additionally, Hassell has promoted the following individuals to the position of Senior Associate:
Allison Hortz, Michael Copeland, Stephen Watson, Alfred La Spina, Sarah Tyson, Alex
Chow, Chris Harty, Jeroen Hagendoorn, Tam Dao, Alex Jones, Shizuka Nagaya, Michelle
Zhu and Chris Kelly.

The following people have also been promoted to Associate – Clayton Bray,
Emma Ludwig, Rohan Patil, Matthew Moore, Douglas Fung, Rose Tan, Aurelio
Bethencourt, Darren Hall, Clare Chippendale, Yoshia Kashima, Matthew Watson, Doug
Pott, Pamela Jouwena, Lucia Choi, Shuya Xu, Sophie Zhou and Yann Frampton

Image: Supplied

First row: Alex Smith, Sean Lin, Sophie Bond

Second row: Daniel Kallis, Catherine van der Heide, Anthony Dickens


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