Goldwin Announces New “Goldwin 0” Initiative


Japanese ski label Goldwin announced its brand new initiative “Goldwin 0” during Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo.

The project – which consists of functional and unisex clothing – is dedicated to existence beyond categories, labels and boring. Designed to be more than just a capsule or collaboration, “Goldwin 0” is a continuous search for quality and timeless beauty rooted in nature, science and, of course, technology.

Designed by Julia Rodowicz and Jean-Luc Ambridge, in close collaboration with the Goldwin team in Japan and OK-RM, a London-based design studio, “Goldwin 0” aims to respect traditional craftsmanship, while pushing the boundaries clothing through technical innovation. .

Drawing on the brand’s original knitwear roots, the designers are bringing wool back to the ski slopes – a fiber that naturally regulates moisture, temperature and odor – which arrives in WHOLEGARMENT, the first seamless knit in the world. As the name suggests, sustainability is at the heart of “Goldwin 0”, which uses materials that have minimal impact on the environment, including Brewed Protein for shell jackets, denim and knitwear.

Watch the full movie above and find out more via the “Goldwin 0” online store.

In addition, NemeN has extended its dye research program for spring/summer 2022.


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