GM Boosts SoCal Expansion – New Design and Technology Campus Planned


GM is boosting Socal’s expansion with its latest announcement to build a new campus in Pasadena, California.

The campus will house the operations of GM’s advanced design center. Thus, the auto giant plans to invest more than $ 71 million to build the campus. Currently, their Design Center is located in North Hollywood.

Why the new design center?

The 149,000 square foot facility will increase the capacity of the center and create more jobs in the region. In addition, it will make room for expanded advanced technology teams. Accelerating GM’s goal of zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion.

In addition, GM is driving SoCal’s expansion by taking advantage of the new location to recruit top regional talent in the disciplines of aerospace engineering, defense, automotive design, software development and advanced technologies.

GM leads new design center at SoCal

What does GM’s Advanced Design Center do?

Thus, GM’s advanced design team is focused on developing concepts and future mobility projects. The creation of alternative mobility applications can reveal opportunities for transformative innovation and serve as growth opportunities for future GM products and services.

Below, for example, some projects of innovation and design work related to GM’s growth strategy:

  • BrightDrop – Backed by GM, the company offers a connected product system targeting first and last mile delivery customers. FedEx is expected to be its first customer.
  • Cadillac – Development of a personal autonomous concept vehicle and a vertical take-off and landing aircraft.
  • The Lunar Rover Concept – The concept transports astronauts to the surface of the moon.

Updates for GM Advanced Design

Additionally, GM says the new expansion will provide the latest tools, equipment and workspaces to encourage collaboration and ideation. For example:

  • A more efficient layout, designed to reduce disruption and increase the efficiency of the various paint, metal and plastic workshops
  • An increased footprint enabling improved production of physical and virtual proof of concept and show cars
  • The ability to quickly pilot visual and immersive technology, including augmented and virtual reality
  • An innovation laboratory to design, implement and validate new design tools
  • An advanced user experience / user interface design studio
  • Dedicated space for collaboration, research and development for GM’s internal and external strategic partnerships

While GM is leading Socal’s expansion with the Pasadena campus, it is at the same time part of GM Design’s wider global expansion. GM’s new Design West facility is currently under construction at the Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, and GM recently announced the expansion of the Advanced Design Center in Shanghai, China.

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All in all, it’s great to see automakers using their technology and resources to come up with new ideas. Especially here in Southern California.

Consumers expect more from their cars as technology advances. GM is smart to start investing in other areas to anticipate customer needs.

And since many companies are leaving California. It’s nice to see one, especially an American company, increase its presence in the Golden State.


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