Gears 5 dev The Coalition develops a brand new IP


Gears 5 The Coalition studio is apparently working on a brand new IP address.

Although not officially announced by the studio, a LinkedIn The profile of one of the team’s level designers detailed that they have been employed as a multiplayer level designer since August 2020 and as a “level designer on a new IP” since February this year as well. .

The designer has since revised his LinkedIn profile and removed all references to the new IP address, but luckily – or unfortunately, depending on your point of view – not before savvy netizens took a screenshot and shared the information. .

“It looks like The Coalition could be working on a new IP address alongside Gears of War, if that LinkedIn description is correct,” tweeted Klobrille, a verified Twitter account that posts news from Xbox Game Studios (thanks, VGC). “This sort of thing has been mentioned before.”

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It is a particularly interesting discovery because The Coalition recently upgraded to Unreal Engine 5 for future games and warned Gears 5 fans who “[s]Switching to a new engine is a big undertaking, so we want to be clear that we won’t be announcing any new projects or titles for some time ”. Understandably, it takes years for the games to be fully developed and not all come to fruition, but hopefully we’ll see a new adventure of The Coalition sooner rather than later. It’s even possible that we have a teaser at The Coalition GDC panel demo, Alpha Point, later this week.

If you haven’t dipped your virtual toes in Gears 5 yet, why not?

“For Xbox devotees, Gears of War has been a constant – a port in a storm. After more than a decade and four games – not to mention the fallout Gears of War: Judgment and Pop! – it provided top level visuals and a fun and predictable roadie racing for everyone. He never wavered and rarely changed much “, we wrote in GamesRadar + Gears 5 4-Star Review.

“Gears 5 – Developer Coalition shrunk the title – mixes things up a bit. There are open world style hubs, an upgrade system and other nods to the big trends that have found their way into the biggest game franchises. Despite its overtures to evolution, Gears 5 continues in the tradition of its predecessors: filling arenas and corridors with shootouts after thrilling and eventful shootouts. – every fight constantly challenged me and Always attracted me. Classic Gears still feel good, even five games later. “

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