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Freemans (FGH) announced today (October 1, 2021) a hat-trick of TV commercials for the AW21 that includes a first “release” for its in-house offering with its new exclusive collections from designers Abigail Ahern, Henry Holland and Julien MacDonald.

The multi-million pound operation heralds Freemans’ safest and most comprehensive marketing execution to date with its new multi-channel campaigns reaching women over 35 on multiple occasions from mid-September to mid -November.

All commercials were shot on location in the UK and again Freemans ditched the use of an agency, instead informing the independent creative directors supported by the retailer’s in-house marketing and creative teams.

At the same time, Freemans said he had “brought Christmas forward” with a relevant product available three weeks earlier compared to year over year. Her decision reflected customer demand, with Christmas search terms appearing earlier than ever.

The home ad, which will air from next week, is complemented by what Freemans described as a fashion brand ad showcasing a host of third-party brands available on He sees a return on the screens of Strictly – It takes two presenter and dancer Janette Manrara, wearing Julien MacDonald’s AW21 star – with the new line of bracelets – Find Your Style.

The new theme “Find Your …” also extends to the welcome announcement under the tagline Find Your Space. It brings together the highly anticipated new exclusive collections of home items from Abigail Ahern and Henry Holland as well as the second season home offer from Julien MacDonald.

The product is at the heart of creative execution and is presented in an energetic and confident manner.

The hat trick is completed with an advertisement for Freeman’s ’boutique’ women’s clothing brand, Creation is firmly channeled to appeal to customers over 45 who, according to the brand’s own research, continue to feel largely ignored or unsupported by High Street or online equivalents.

The ad story shows how the retailer’s collections understand this customer and provide a day-to-night solution paired with the ‘Different by Design’ tagline and showcases the voiceover talent of TV favorite Lisa Snowdon.

Commenting on the AW push, Richard Cristofoli, Director of Customer Relations for Freemans, said: “During the pandemic we have had a chance to reflect on the needs and wants of customers. This included a complete re-imagining of the Freemans and Kaleidoscope brands, delivered at a pace and through every customer touch point. It also covered an invigorated product portfolio and offering, both from a third-party brand perspective and an exclusive own-buying perspective in the fashion and home space.

“The choice being the point of difference with a combination of big brands and exclusive collaborations with Henry Holland, Abigail Ahern and Julien MacDonald

“Clients over 45 continue to tell us they feel ignored, misunderstood or just plain unsupported and responding to their needs in a genuine and relevant way has been at the heart of our work during the year. last.

“These three campaigns represent our most confident positioning with a strong and honest creation that we believe sets us apart from the crowd. This continues to help us achieve our goal of becoming the online department store of choice for Freemans. .com and the go-to retailer for women over 45 via

All AW21 activities are digital and TV driven, supported by online marketing activity including public relations, social media and a new radio partnership with Smooth.


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