Found: The 16 best designer sweatshirts for women


I have a problem.

Somehow, despite owning drawers and sweatshirt drawers, I can’t help but buy more. Here’s what happens: I go to boutiques or department stores with the intention of buying new jeans, maybe finding suitable shoes to wear at work, or sometimes I literally go to Soho to walk my dog. and browse. And yet, in all of these scenarios, I sort of walked away with a new sweatshirt. It happens so much that my wardrobe is about 80% sweatshirts, 15% other clothes, and 5% dog hair.

For much of the year, I cannot defend my actions. “Gaby, why the hell do you need a lavender sherpa lined hoodie in August?” My mom might ask, as we FaceTime so I can show her my latest treasure, then hang up quickly when I realize I don’t have a justifiable response. It lasts for a few months every year, and as my sweatshirt drawer grows, the temperature starts to drop. Finally, it’s time for sweaters.

That’s all to say that I have a lot of experience in the densely populated sweatshirt industry so I rounded up the 16 best designer sweatshirts to keep you warm and warm this winter. Just warning, some can cost a hefty sum, but I like to think of it like window shopping (or in this case MacBook shopping). The variety of styles and styles has allowed me to create more outfits that incorporate sweatshirts than I ever thought possible.

While buying a trendy and expensive item may seem like a pointless, buying a sweatshirt you love is actually an investment. Trends can come and go, but sweatshirts will always be on trend. And that is priceless. So mom, if you’re reading this, there’s your answer.

Keep scrolling for the 16 best designer sweatshirts available to buy now.


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