Flashscore enters a new era – with a new identity by DesignStudio


These skyrocketing numbers didn’t stop Flashscore from deciding to take the biggest step in its 15-year history. Today, Flashscore’s new visual identity has been introduced in the 47 countries where it is present.

“We decided to change Flashscore’s visual identity more than two years ago. There were several reasons for taking this step: we wanted to raise the level of our marketing communication, give our websites and applications a beautiful and modern design, and also prepare them to be further enriched by various digital contents. Hortik explained.

“We are changing something that more than 100 million people around the world use regularly. But I believe sports fans will love the new Flashscore as much as they love the one they know, if not more. The user’s opinion is crucial for us. We therefore asked them for help during the testing phase, and we also launched beta versions of our websites and applications in four selected countries in the fall of 2021. Thanks to this, we received feedback from thousands of our users – and the vast majority were positive. adds Hortik.

Game-changing numbers

The creator of Flashscore’s new visual identity is the highly respected DesignStudio London.

“We knew that DesignStudio knew the world of sport well – they had created the visual identity of the Champions League and the Premier League, two of the most valuable sports brands in the world. Together with them, we have defined a new brand positioning and redefined our key values. With all that said and done, we were able to create our brand visual design, new logo and custom numbers inspired by old stadium scoreboards, and our new tagline – “Game-changing numbers”, a said Pavel Hacker, Livesport brand manager.

“We also changed the use of colors on our websites and in mobile apps. With almost 40 sports covered, it no longer made sense to distinguish them by different colors – and we also ran out, for be honest. Because of this, sports are now distinguished by visible icons,” notes Hacker.

With all websites and mobile apps, Flashscore also changes the mode of communication.

“We offer a lot of varied content for all sports fans. But the most important thing remains the same: the live scores – numbers that have the power to make you happy or sad. A seemingly small change from 0:0 to 1:0 can cause a storm of emotions. And a sports fan will not miss a moment like this with us,” says Jan Hortík.


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