Fashion designer Billings traveled to New York, Paris


BILLINGS – An Apsaalooke designer has come a long way since launching her fashion line from her sewing machine to her kitchen table.

Angela Howe-Parrish will be heading to New York Fashion Week and Paris Native Fashion Week soon. All of this within a few months since she officially launched her business in May this year.

“It’s a dream. It was a dream and I can’t believe it’s happening. When I got the letter I was crying,” said Howe-Parrish, designer, owner and founder of Choke Cherry Creek.

It was tears of joy for Howe-Parrish as he read the news. Two invitations to present his work this fall on the catwalk, one in New York and one in Paris.

The news has Howe-Parrish very busy sewing and beading with Rise New York Fashion Week and Paris Indigenous Fashion Week fast approaching. The New York event is on September 9 and the Paris event is October 1.

Cherry Creek Choke designs feature Crow bead patterns and colors, inspired by bead collections from local museums and family collections.

“All tribes are different and we have different ideas. As a bead I can say it’s the Blackfeet pattern, it’s a Crow floral pattern, we have the geometric crow patterns, we use some colors, even in our beadwork, we don’t use black, but some tribes do,” Howe-Parrish said. .

A nod to her mom Donna as Howe-Parrish presents the Donna pencil skirt in her Honoring our Mother’s collection. Her very first collection, along with a few hand-stitched couture pieces, is what’s set to hit the runway and reach a global audience this fall.

“It’s just a skirt that I made to go with some of them (her ready-to-wear line), so it’s going to be a big skirt. I’m not even deciding what to do yet. I’m just like it looks good, or I’m gonna do it. I always ask my daughter’s opinion.”

It really is a family affair, as her famous rapper and dancer husband Supaman opens his parades.

“He’ll come dance, then I’ll have the fashion show,” she said.


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