EXCLUSIVE: Shyamal and Bhumika in ‘Blooms of Paradise’ at FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week, outfits for Diwali


We have now become serial fashion watchers. Courtesy of FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week and how designers prove to be great sources of inspiration. As chic glimpses continue to make their way onto the ramp, we thought now was the most fitting time to get a feel for the hottest ensembles that look festive and fabulous. Diwali is almost here and you will now look sorted in terms of shopping scout. Famous designers Shyamal and Bhumika presented a brilliant line today on stage with Yami Gautam Dhar and it brought a lot of excitement and delight.

They unboxed their new SS’23 collection which honored nature, our history and traditions, museums and much more. Revisiting the old is now a new thing to enjoy. If you are looking for what can refine an enchanting look for the upcoming party week. Your options range from shararas, kalidaar kurtas, constructed sarees, paneled lehengas, dhoti pants, and anything that is stunning, anything that praises modern designs sprinkled with the beautiful play of age-old techniques.

Among the many approaches to fashion that may be dying out, we see a significant and interesting number of people eager to take regular paths of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This designer duo also gave in to hand-woven sets. Look at the fine, majestic tone that has been imparted with ensembles comprised of silk matka, sheer silk organza, tulle, hand-dyed velvets and too many that can make a list worth having. read.

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Shyamal and Bhumika told us about their ‘Blooms of Paradise’ collection and how it has beyond a little something for everyone.

1) This collection is about traveling through roots, architecture, museums, etc. When and where did this idea come from?

A: We are on a mission to bring Indian crafts and skills to the world. Being one of the most followed Indian designers in the world on social media, we were able to make progress in our mission and connect the niche and multicultural population abroad with the rich Indian craftsmanship. As our designs evolve to appeal to a wider audience, we are bringing Indian craftsmanship into global fashion. As designers, we believe in promoting these ancient crafts and helping the advancement of sections of society who would lose not only their heritage but also their livelihood if these crafts are not revived and preserved.

2) Opulence and royalty are the names of your collection game. Can you name some works of craftsmanship that are deeply rooted in this line?

A: In our Spring/Summer 2023 collection, you can see a variety of rare handcrafted embroideries in antique-finished silk and metal threads that are playfully mixed with pearls, beads and colored resham. We’ve also used centuries-old artisanal techniques like Resham-aari, silk zardosi, Peeta metallic thread, knotting, hand sequins, intricate beadwork and crystal-embellished artisanal silk threads in our upcoming collection.

3) Why should one wear sets from this collection for Diwali celebrations?

A: With this collection we have played with our signatures and experimented with new silhouettes such as flowing hoods, kalidaars, layered outfits, sultry blouses paired with lehengas, sheer jackets over kurtas, capes over jumpsuits , new-age shararas, draped skirts with jackets, paneled lehengas, draped flares, corseted bodices, voluminous ruffled sleeves, off-the-shoulder bodices, kalidaar kurtas, constructed sarees, trailing dupattas, empire waists, constructed sarees, and dhoti pants , all of which work as absolutely gorgeous and wonderful sets for the upcoming festivities.

4) How is this collection different from the ethnic collection you previously curated together?

A: Our Spring 2023 celebrates our globe-trotting muse, using a poetic mix of hand-embroidered masterpieces, crafted using centuries-old artisanal techniques in an unusual mix of colors and silhouettes. He is encouraged by a joyful atmosphere in this festive period, where we have been inspired by nature, our history and traditions, ancient architecture, the splendor of royal courts, museums and rare private collections. . The new line will transport you to a world of fantasy and celebration and celebrates our deep reverence for India’s rich culture and heritage and the craftsmanship it boasts of, which also shines throughout this season.

This collection was designed with the festive season in mind. It is airy and flowy yet festive, perfect for the upcoming Diwali season. The previous couture collection, launched with Aditi Rao Hydari, was a heavily embroidered bridal collection. However, this time around we have planned something more festive and demi-couture, outfits that can not only be worn by the bride and groom but also by bridesmaids and family.

5) From traditional lehengas to Indo-Western outfits, there has been a massive shift and growth in what people prefer to wear today. What are your opinions on this?

A: There has definitely been a change in people’s preference for what they like to wear today, but in general the change has been more on Indian clothing. Not only in our country, but even the Indian population and the general population abroad prefer to wear more Indian, intricate and traditional clothing. Everywhere, the Indians seem to be getting closer to their roots. One of the reasons for this could be our craftsmanship and the ability to customize outfits for everyone’s special day. We use a lot of art and craftsmanship in our outfits. The bride wants to wear a craft at her wedding and can make it meaningful and personalized according to her vision and needs.

6) How would you describe the stress associated with exhibiting such a fine collection?

A: It’s definitely not an easy race, it’s filled with constant stress and tension. I would say that to be in a line like ours, which is so fast, you have to be firm on the ideas that they have and also have nerves of steel. It really takes nerves of steel to design a collection, put on a show, design the set and come up with all the strategies and logistics.

Being a fashion designer these days is quite a process. The stress is unbearable but when the show arrives and everything is displayed on the ramp, that’s when the stress is released for the whole team who take months and months to bring the collection to life to be exhibited in l for one night. It’s beautiful to see all the photos on the ramp. It is quite an indescribable experience.

7) How many outfits does this collection have and what do they have in common?

A: In this collection, we have over 40 different outfits. Each piece in this collection emphasizes sustainable, eco-friendly and hand-woven collections. Designers have shimmering raw silks, hand-woven matka silks, sheer silk organza and tulle as well as hand-dyed velvets for a touch of opulence. .

8) How difficult is it to design outfits for celebrities?

A: It can be very difficult, but at the same time it can also be very exciting. Celebrities have their personal lives and tastes, so it’s a very rewarding experience to listen and understand their vision of what they want their outfit to look like, and then have to blend their vision with ours to create something. again is absolutely magical.

9) What is the best thing about you two as fashion designers?

A: We have worked together since we were twenty years old and we have grown together and shared our differences. Working together has been a wonderful journey. The distribution of roles is quite complicated and often overlaps as we tend to take on each other’s responsibilities. Bhumika is the technical expert and fashion designer and I am the entrepreneurial creative director who dabbles in several collections and creative business ideas. We both gave our lives to building the brand, but more importantly, we grew together as individuals and committed to each other and our families.

10) How do you stay as relevant as possible in 2022 in a world where we are inundated with countless fashion trends?

A: Despite the countless fashion trends that come and go, we believe it’s extremely essential to stick to your brand values. We stay true to our vision of bringing “India to the World” by using fashion as a medium to connect our global audience with elaborate Indian tailoring. With our timeless designs, we have always sought to create the perfect balance between tradition and a global aesthetic, and have therefore also succeeded in establishing a presence abroad.

11) A couture collection from your shelves that is closest to your heart and why?

A: Each collection is our baby and all of our collections are close to our hearts. Each of them has their specific flavors and uniqueness that we love.

12) How does it feel to be back on stage after a year?

A: We are delighted to be back on stage after a year. It’s definitely stressful, but that’s every time we have a show. So yes, really very excited.

Yami as a showstopper in a lehenga ensemble.


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