EasyStandard highlights strong women with its inaugural collection


EasyStandard works with both a straight and plus size model during the design process to ensure that each garment looks as good as it looks on a wide range of body types. The clothing brand then enhances that feel by using premium fabrics including Supima cotton rib, Lenzing modal-cotton blend and 100% cotton terrycloth. | Photo courtesy of EasyStandard

Inspired by real women from the real world, EasyStandard is a new brand of women’s loungewear focused on clothing and community wedding.

The Los Angeles-based brand, which just launched in June this year, is committed to making premium clothing accessible through inclusive sizes and low prices while focusing on essentials such as the perfect white t-shirt, a classic black tank top and a super soft sweater.

“We know that clothes like these are the foundation of any great outfit, so we’ve given them the upgrade that they and our customers deserve,” said Sabrina Pereira, Marketing Manager at EasyStandard.

This means that EasyStandard works with both a straight and plus size model during the design process to ensure that every garment it releases is as nice as it looks across a wide range of types. of body. The clothing brand then enhances that feeling by using premium fabrics, including Supima cotton rib, a Lenzing modal-cotton blend and French terry 100 percent cotton.

Using these standards, EasyStandard launched its first 23-piece collection celebrating inclusiveness, versatility, and fiery empowerment with fitted and relaxed tees and tank tops, casual dresses and matching ensembles. The target customers of EasyStandard are women between 25 and 45 years old, but all are welcome.

And instead of naming the inaugural collection, he decided to name each piece after a woman who wows the team.

“Each article on our website includes a short bio to inspire our clients to look for ways to ‘push the standard’ in their own lives,” Pereira said. “We love to hear from the strong and passionate women in our community who are doing amazing things in their own way,” said Pereira. “They are mothers, entrepreneurs, volunteers, artists and adventurers. They inspire us so much that we decided to name each piece in honor of someone and share their story. It is truly an honor to share these stories with our community.

The Kait Rib Fitted Scoop Tank is named after a woman who “always envisioned a more inclusive planet” and who works as an Autism Services Coordinator. “She is dedicated to making the world more accessible to people with autism, but she also wants to help the world better understand and accept their differences.”

The Tamika Color Block sweater pays homage to the “patron lady by day as a specialist in environmental health and safety, foodie and house DJ (just like in her house) who loves culture on nights and weekends”. Tamika also likes to take care of her projects and listen to her precious Prince albums. Other favorite activities include “venturing out to her Chicago neighborhood with her husband and lucky dog ​​by her side and creating Insta– dignified dinners that taste as good as they are pictured.

This is just a sample of what a customer will find at easystandard.com with over 20 items named after equally amazing women including the Chiyo Relaxed Crewneck T-Shirt, Charlie Fitted Crewneck T-Shirt, Jade Relaxed Muscle Tank and more.

Although the collection has only been on the market for two full months, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“One of them told us that she spent years – and quite a bit of money – looking for the perfect tank until she found it with us,” Pereira said. “Others say they are delighted with the quality of everything, the softness of the fabric and the beauty of the colors.”

The collection can be purchased from the EasyStandard website and part prices range from $ 19.50 for the tank tops to $ 54.50 for the colorblock hoodie dress with a size range from XS to 3X and prices generally 25 to 40% lower than those of its direct competitors.

The clothing brand has many more plans for the future but already has its identity in its inaugural collection with an unwavering commitment to its client and its mission.

“Our clothes are versatile and comfortable enough to wear to work, to train, to go out and to go to bed,” said Pereira. “They’re essential for a reason, so we think it’s important to focus on quality. We like to think of our clothes as a blank canvas, and we love to see how our customers make their mark and #pushthestandard. “


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