E-Cite Motors Welcomes Hall of Fame Designer Alberto Hernandez Mendoza as Stylist and Chief Studio Engineer


BOTHELL, WA/ACCESSWIRE/August 2, 2022/ VaporBrands International, Inc. dba E-Cite Motors Group, (OTC PINK: VAPR) announces that renowned designer Alberto Hernandez Mendoza has officially joined the E-Cite Motors Group as the studio’s designer and chief engineer.

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Alberto has been recognized in the automotive industry as one of the most prestigious automotive illustrators and prototype designers of our time. He has worked as Chief Designer, Senior Project Manager, Engineering, Prototyping, R&D Prototype Manager, Consulting and other leadership positions at many renowned studios and customizing shops. Alberto has worked with automotive manufacturers around the world (Europe and Asia included), as well as American companies. Some examples are SO-Cal Speed ​​Shop, Metalcrafters, Inc. N2A Motors, and Moal Coachbuilders, among others.

Among his achievements, Alberto designed a prototype of a new Porsche 914 in 2001. In 2012 he received the “Most Beautiful Roadster Award” and in 2015 he was inducted into the Rod and Custom Hall of Fame. In 2015. While working as chief studio engineer at N2A Motors alongside automotive legend Gene Langmesser, he helped develop the Anteros, 789, DevilRay and countless other design concepts.

E-Cite Motors COO commented: I have known and worked closely with Alberto on many projects for over a decade and without hesitation he is my first choice to lead the development of the design and prototyping our vehicles in order to realize our visions”

One of his best-known designs was the 2015 Moal/Wayne Carini Roadster commissioned by car collector and television personality Wayne Carini once he saw Alberto’s artwork. This car debuted at Pebble Beach and went on to win its class at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. Later this year”The Rodders Journal” put it on the cover of issue #71 and it was highly praised at SEMA.

Additionally, while working with Moal Coachbuilders, Alberto was instrumental in the design and artwork of Dennis Mariani’s streamlined race car which currently holds the record at Bonneville Salt Flats for Ford Motor Flathead Vehicles reaching 312,171 MPH.

Unlike competitors Tesla, Nikola, Polestar, Lucid, VW, Ford, Jaguar and others, E-cite is not required to meet the safety certifications or other costly certifications of a traditional car manufacturer, making it easier and faster to offers new vehicles on a much more favorable market. While the initial time to be able to deliver a production vehicle to the market generally exceeds 3 years and often more at a very high cost, E-Cite plans to deliver its first production vehicles for the 2023 model year. This is less 12 months between creation and the showroom.

This is possible because E-Cite vehicles are eligible under the “Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturers Act 2015”. In 2015, Congress enacted a bill directing the NHSTA to establish a program allowing low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers to produce a limited number of vehicles per year under a regulatory system that addresses unique safety and financial issues associated with limited production, and directing the EPA to allow low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers to install engines from vehicles that have received certificates of compliance. Although they had a year to establish this new program, it took until January 2021 for the NHSTA to issue a final decision allowing the manufacture of low-volume vehicles. By law, automakers are exempt from all safety standards, but they must meet applicable emissions standards. There are no emission standards for electric vehicles.

E-Cite Motors has developed designs that allow the production of vehicles using a skateboard style chassis or a space frame chassis using electric motors. This allows for configurations ranging from low power batteries and a single motor to a performance vehicle over 1000hp using all wheel drive and 4 motors.

Note* Vehicles from E-Cite are in no way categorized as “Kit Cars” as they are new manufactured vehicles.

About VaporBrands International, dba E-Cite Motors

www.ecitemotors.com (OTC PINK: VAPR) is a publicly traded company based in Bothell that develops for manufacturing advanced electric vehicles using the latest technology with a twist of some of the iconic cars of the past. VAPR recently acquired 100% ownership of E-Cite Motors, Acclaimed Automotive www.acclaimedauto.com and N2A Motors www.n2amotors.com, a California-based automotive manufacturer and automotive plant specializing in the design , engineering and building prototypes, concepts and limited production vehicles for OEMs, corporations, film and private owners. N2A was led by legendary designer Gene Langmesser who is now the COO of Combined Operations.


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