Duncan Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection


yadda yadda yadda fashion, yadda yadda yadda looks, yadda yadda yadda what did you wear? Many of us have chatted on the phone about clothes with our best friends. But when good friends Michelle Duncan (Duncan’s founder) and Chris Peters (one half of Creatures of the Wind, and the guy behind CDLM) get together on their cells, they talk about design them.

It is at this point that Duncan’s Fall 2022 collection appears. Her label has long been a labor of love as she held a busy job as a top beauty executive. But with work ramping up recently, she asked Peters to co-create this collection with her. Let’s just say the two (rightly) feel the conversations were fruitful. “It was, for me, a beautiful marriage of design and creativity,” Duncan said. “Chris brings a really good sensibility about women and silhouettes and construction that wasn’t necessarily how I thought of the brand.”

Duncan has quietly made a name for itself (including with top retailers like Ikram and MatchesFashion.com) as a label that offers a lucid take on seductive glam. It’s inspired by the heyday of Hollywood, with a bit of burlesque and NYC nightclubbing, and lots of plaid for good measure. (Duncan has Scottish ancestry.) Basically, it’s Dita Von Teese doing the Highland Fling at The Nines. The discreet charm of its hourglass silhouette, all covered but with a PALPABLE thrill to the binding fabric, is always there. He’s there in the black coat with sequined lapels, for example, or in a body-hugging red dress, the puffy sleeves adding a sweet respite from the rigor of the cut.

Where Peters’ hand comes in is with its subversively romantic twists. (The harnesses and lingerie, all from Fleur du Mal, are pure Duncan though.) It could be with a stunning ivory dress, with buttons down the back of the sleeves, a weirdly unexpected touch. Or with all the caping happening: the LBD with an oversized bow falling over her shoulder, throwing the expected elegance sideways, or as a flowing panel over a black jersey dress, darkly wizarding, but in a good way.


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