Do a lot more duty free clothing items


During this week’s debate, Governor Ron DeSantis proposed that diapers, wipes and other baby items be tax exempt. With Florida’s surplus money, all clothing for everyone under $175 should be tax-free. After all, we need clothes as much as food.

Let’s flood the Capitol with this request.

Audette Point, Delray Beach

I watched a YouTube video, taken by a drone, of Sanibel Island causeway repair. I think the Sun Sentinel should take this quick action to repair the damage from Hurricane Ian. This action was approved by Governor DeSantis.

Thank you, Governor, for your quick work.

Reese F. Cropper Jr., Deerfield Beach

The Covid deaths in Florida and across the United States and around the world have been horrific. I find the argument that keeping Florida open caused a disproportionate number of deaths unconvincing. Florida has the third-largest population among states and has had the third-highest number of deaths.

Joyce Green, Tamarac

Re: Fort Lauderdale, seen from another angle | Opinion

After reading Commissioner Steven Glassman’s opinion piece in Sun Sentinel, I have a different opinion on some issues.

In Bahia Mar, even though the project had been previously approved, the lessee had to extend its existing lease for the project to be viable. The last chance to save our beloved Bahia Mar was for the city not to grant a lease extension. A valuable opportunity was lost, despite strong opposition from residents to high-rise condos on the public site with negative impacts on the area and maritime activity. The city commission happily approved a 100-year lease extension – an irreparable and tragic loss.

At One Stop Shop, an open plot has been set aside for park use with the full support of local residents. It is essential in a highly developed region for a healthy quality of life. But an unsolicited, unnecessary and intrusive project that will alter the character of the park and public access has been presented by a developer, praised by Glassman and approved by the city commission. I walked past it yesterday. I was taken by its beauty, its openness and those wonderful old trees. Another major irreparable loss to the city.

The city center is changing. The city’s vehicle float is brand new, infrastructure work continues, and a large garden will be laid out at the top of the Henry E. Kinney Tunnel. Along with this, there is a feeling that city approvals benefit certain groups more than residents and too many public-private (P3) projects are granted.

Sorry, Commissioner Glassman, but all is not as rosy as you say.

E. Miranda Lopez, Fort Lauderdale

Re: Ira Winderman: Are the Heat serving the greater good with Tyler Herro in the starting lineup?

Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro earned the Sixth Man of the Year award in 2021 and was rewarded with a generous contract, I guess because he was so well-liked for his sixth-man role. So why is Herro now in the starting lineup? I realize it’s hard to replace PJ Tucker in a starting role, but after a few games it seems like starting Herro isn’t the answer.

As an avid and somewhat knowledgeable sports fan, I’m amazed that in this turbulent world, good pay, job security, and respect from teammates and peers aren’t valued more. In the NBA, without a solid bench, there is nothing.

Ellen Isaacs, Pompano Beach


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