Disney co-designer Lorcana promises no mechanically unique promo cards


Disney co-lead designer Lorcana outlined the game’s plans for promo cards, promising there will never be unique cards that aren’t found in the game’s regular product.

This means that while we’ll likely see future promotions like the D23 Expo cards, each will be available in a more standard print from a regular product you can purchase. There will be no “mechanically unique” promo cards for the game.

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Last week’s D23 Expo marked the first time Lorcana cards were seen in the wild, with a selection of seven promotional cards featuring exclusive D23 stamps available at the show. However, all seven cards – including Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor, one per visitor, misrepresented as an exclusive when it was revealed – will be available in The First Chapter, Lorcana’s first set set to launch at the end of next year. Speaking to IGN at the show, Lorcana co-designer Ryan Miller confirmed that this is the format all future promo cards will follow.


“We’ll never do a promo card or collectible that you can’t also pull out of the regular product,” Miller told IGN, “The promo card treatment can be unique, like the foil treatment or in the case of D23 Expo, D23 Expo mark, on the collector’s set, but the characters and game mechanics of these cards will be in the regular set.

D23 Expo cards have been in huge demand since the show, with some collections selling for thousands of dollars online despite costing just $50 from the show. This has raised some concern from the community that it could lead to Lorcana becoming a ‘collectors first’ game, with Disney focusing on printing special cards that fetch a lot of money. money, making it a game worth playing.

However, the concern with the “collectors first” design is not unique to Lorcana. Magic: The Gathering’s Secret Lair – limited-time promotions only available directly from Wizards of the Coast – were heavily criticized for their use of mechanically unique cards that could not be acquired elsewhere, forcing Wizards of the Coast to promise that they would be reprinted in regular product later down the line.

Disney Lorcana will launch in fall 2023 with its first set, The First Chapter.

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