Discover this designer brand of bow ties and dog harnesses


Dogs in bow ties? Take my money.

A growing company based in North Vancouver manufactures pet accessories with an emphasis on quality and fashion.

Puccissimé Pet Couture (pronounced pooch-EE-see-may) produces a line of premium products made in Canada with materials sourced from domestic suppliers.

Available in a range of colors and designs, leashes, collars and bow ties cost around $25-$40, while the brand’s “one-click” harness sells for $80-$130. A set will cost you around $70 to $163.

For many pet owners, the sky’s the limit, but Puccissimé founder Ahoo Entesarian says her products aren’t frivolous.

“As soon as you say something is luxury, it not only seems unnecessary, it seems expensive,” she said. “We try to avoid that.”

Although her brand has a designer feel to it, she explained that she doesn’t want to exaggerate when it comes to price.

Materials used by Puccissimé include vegan leather and high cotton content polyester rayon fabric. Entesarian also uses quality full-grain leather from Europe, but sources it from a Calgary supplier.

Although prim and appropriate bow ties may catch your eye, Entesarian’s flagship product is the harness.

When she tried to find the right harness for her toy poodle Raisin, she tried “millions” before giving up.

“I thought, ‘Why don’t I just design my own harness?’ because every harness I’ve used on her hasn’t really worked,” Entesarian said. “They were either too tight, or too hard to put on, or of poor quality.”

So she created her own – a solution that fills all the gaps she encountered and is also a little gimmicky. The harness is designed to be good for pulling dogs because it sits on the chest and doesn’t choke them. The materials used do not mat the dog’s fur, according to Entesarian. And there is only one buckle, so it’s easy to put on.

“When I did that, everyone loved them,” Entesarian continued. “My friends were like, ‘This is what we’ve always been looking for.'”

After the innovation of the harness, she moved from selling pet items online to producing her own brand.

Today, Entesarian is expanding its business. She has opened a showroom at Lonsdale Quay, where she customizes some of her accessories to customers’ specifications.

Puccissimé won Best Innovative Company at Vancouver’s Christmas Market last year and this year was named Best Luxury Small Dog Walking Solutions by Luxlife Magazine as well as Colombia’s Pet Products Manufacturer -Briton of the Year by Canada Prestige Awards.

You can find the products at or in the Waterfront Business Center Unit 220 showroom, near the SeaBus at Lonsdale Quay. Or, they’re in Lower Mainland stores like Barking Babies in Yaletown, Dashing Dawgs in Coal Harbor and Puptown Girls in Burnaby.

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