“Didn’t make any mistakes this year”


Adrian Newey is impressed with Max Verstappen’s handling of the new situation he finds himself in this season. According to the chief of Red Bull Racing, the five-time Grand Prix winner is not fazed and Newey says it’s pretty impressive.

“His driving skills are obviously superb, and he has become a great racer. He really hasn’t made any mistakes this year“Newey said on the official Formula 1 website. Some Sundays went much less well for Verstappen, like Baku, Silverstone and Hungary. “It wasn’t his fault, but he kept a cool head and bounced back after it all.”

New Verstappen pressure

With 187 points, Verstappen is currently eight points behind World Cup leader Lewis Hamilton. With twelve Grands Prix to go, this is an unprecedented situation for the 23-year-old Dutchman. In recent years, Red Bull Racing has not been competitive enough to fight for the title, and Verstappen has had to count on a few one-day wins. Newey doesn’t think this pressure will affect him much in 2021.

“He is very easy to chat with and has a wide range of interests which I think is very important for an F1 driver. If your only interest is F1 it can almost make him too important when the pressure builds. Max has a very good balance in this regard “, says the designer of the RB16B.


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