Did Ye’s “Donda” logo rip off another black designer?


Kanye West attends the Fast Company Innovation Festival on November 7, 2019 in New York City.

Kanye West attends the Fast Company Innovation Festival on November 7, 2019 in New York City.
Photo: Brad Barket for Fast Company (Getty Images)

The artist soon to be officially known as Kanye West is well known for woo controversial, long cementing his status like many people ‘ problematic favorite. However, his latest alleged shenanigans do not involve which was and was not included in its last version, Donda, but who should have been credited with the logo appearing on the album merchandise.

As reported by the Daily beast, the Donda the logo on Ye’s $ 100 concert t-shirts is a not-so-subtle scam from a black-owned label Infinite G8ds; that is to say, according to its creative director, Randy Dawkins.

As described by the Beast, Donda“The neutral-colored long-sleeved t-shirts were stamped with a bold, elongated Star of David with a thin cross centered in the middle, positioned a few inches below the collar. Underneath read “Donda” with the date of the event … There is no doubt that the Infinity G8ds logo is eerily similar to the one featured on West’s limited edition product – the main changes being than a slightly elongated star and the removal of the infinity sign from the cross.

Without a doubt, the argument from Ye’s camp – who has yet to comment on the controversy – is that the fusion of two known religious symbols cannot be considered copyright infringement. However, the problem is compounded by the fact that Ye’s personal executive chef Willie Wallace, an associate of Dawkins, actually contacted the lesser-known brand beforehand, having initially met through Travis Reece, a another of West’s personal chefs as well as an Infinity G8ds collaborator.

More from the Beast:

… Dawkins says that Wallace suggested he send items he could show West, saying he thought he would be interested in them.

Dawkins says they ended up shipping Wallace about five pieces from the last line, which Wallace received. The Daily Beast reviewed a shipment tracking number, which confirmed delivery. The next day, Dawkins says he got a FaceTime from Wallace, who had West on the phone with him.

“I was on the phone talking directly to Kanye,” Dawkins said. “He said to me ‘Bro, I really like your design. It’s really drugs. When can I meet you to talk about your process?” His exact words, he said he wanted to talk to me of my mind.

Naturally excited, in July the lead artist of Dawkins and Infinity G8ds, SSO Sneeze reportedly drove nine hours from Miami to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where West lived while working on Donda.

“The conversation was pretty general,” Dawkins told The Beast of their meeting with West. “He just wanted to understand our process: what does design represent? We explained it to him and broke it down. We are very deep in spirituality; we’re trying to inspire people on it. He really liked it because he’s on his own spiritual journey… He started selling us dreams of doing business with him, and that was the reunion, ”Dawkins continued, later adding,“ To At the end of the meeting he told us he was going to keep in touch with us but never did.

Instead, it was Reece who called the duo a week later after seeing the Ye version of the logo on the clothing that then debuted in the Donda merchandising stand at Atlanta Listening Night on August 5.

“He called us up and said, ‘Brother, I’m in the kitchen and these people walked in with our design on their clothes,’” Dawkins said. “What am I like?” [They] never called us, never asked us, never did anything like that.

In order to provide receipts on their July reunion with West, Sneeze posted an August 6 Instagram slideshow, recounting the exchange and captioning it, in part:

We met him on the 26th @mercedesbenzstadium which is shown in the second slide where we were sitting inside the stadium restaurant waiting to meet and we also brought 5 extra Merch pieces as a gift.

Slide 3 shows our confirmation that we did have the meeting. As the meeting itself went well, he became interested in our creative process behind the design and the materials we used. Now a week later for her #Donda The album’s release event, he posted footage of his Merch with a striking resemblance to the @ infinityg8ds Design.


The team also tried to contact Wallace, who suddenly refused to put them in touch with anyone from the West team; Tellingly, Reece was later fired as a personal chef. Since Infinity G8ds went public with its side of the story, West’s commercial director Bu Thiam has reportedly reached out, but no resolution has yet been found.

“Seeing him move that way was like a bad appreciation of his character for me,” Dawkins told The Beast. “From a black artist to another black artist, he could have said: ‘I see what you are doing, let’s help us gain visibility, visibility.’ That’s all we’re asking for.

“It’s disappointing,” Dawkins also noted. “We don’t have bad vibes or bad feelings towards him, we really love the guy. But how did he manage business? Well, that’s another story.

Of course, despite the fact that West recently sued Walmart for dropping his Yeezy designs, while himself being sued for unpaid wages– his alleged movements here echo those of several other entrepreneurs in his immediate entourage. including future sisters-in-law Khloe kardashian and Kylie jenner, and long-time collaborator Virgil Abloh, who faced similar allegations last week.

However, there is a small bright side to the brand, as stated in their IG article: “After all of this, I’m still happy to say that the official website of @ infinityg8ds Has been officially launched and now operational for our supporters, thank you and God bless you. “


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