Designer watch collector shares tips to save £3,000 on Gucci, Dior and Tissot


We all have a thing for something, whether it’s fast cars, dogs, motorcycles or clothes. Some people like designer watches, but starting a collection can be expensive – unless you know where to look. A woman who knows a thing or two about curating the ultimate collection of designer watches on a budget is Sharron Donaldson.

Sharron, 58, who works in administration and lives in Newcastle, told, a money-saving community: “I’ve had a passion for designer watches for decades and now I have 22 in my collection Very few of them were bought new – in fact only three of the Gucci’s were bought new Even then two of them were from a duty free store and the other of a jewelry store that was closing a sale.

“The others were purchased second hand from eBay, Facebook Marketplace, pawn shops and second hand from a jeweler. I know that if the watches had been bought new at full price, the total value of my collection would be well over £6,000. However, I would estimate that I saved well over half that amount.

“I can pinpoint exactly when my love for designer watches started. It was in the early 80s and a friend of mine received a Gucci watch from her fiancée at the time, it was a slim gold watch with a black rectangular dial, a bangle bracelet, and the iconic horse bit clasp with the G logo engraved on the crown. Oh how I coveted this watch, I thought it was the most beautiful watch I have ever It wasn’t until many, many years later that I owned this model and I still love it today!

“I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for a watch – even new watches have either been discounted or gone on sale. Most of my watches have been purchased second-hand and have often received much-appreciated and appreciated gifts at Christmas or my birthday.

“A lot of purchases have been made on eBay and if I think the price is too high I will bid or scroll. The company my husband works for has a private company sales site and it turned out proved successful for me, with the purchase of a Gucci at a good price. I have probably been collecting watches for over 25 years and it was sparked by my husband who bought me a Gucci in duty free. This model has a black leather strap and a black circular dial with black Roman numerals on a gold outer rim.

“Brand new Gucci wristwatches aren’t cheap, but I just think it’s silly to pay such high prices and I’d rather wait to buy a pre-loved watch. After all, once it’s on my wrist, who knows how much it costs.

“As you may have guessed, my favorite designer is Gucci! They have been producing watches for 50 years now and although they are classed as fashion watches, they are made in Switzerland, the home of some of the most I have such a large collection that my sister and my best friend are at loggerheads as to who will receive it in my will I own 22 watches in total – 14 different Gucci models, a Longines, a Tissot, a Christian Dior, a Tag Heuer, a Vivienne Westwood and any three models.

“Some of my best bargains from this collection include the Gucci Twirl, which is quite quirky in that the face runs all the way around. I got the white stainless steel model, and while it was retailing online at £423.45 I bought it for under £200, saving £223. I also bought the Gucci Silver Horse for under £200, and this was on sale new for £426.56 , so I saved £226. I looked online for my Gucci Marina silver stainless steel wristwatch, and it’s advertised at £382.50. I got it for £150, saving over £230 £.

“I bought the Gucci Ladies 1400 Stainless Steel model for under £200 when it was selling for £427, saving £227, but my best deal was the vintage Gucci Stainless Steel Mod3900 which was online for £221 £.86 but got it for under £100.”

Here are Sharron’s tips for finding the best watch deals:

  1. Join Facebook groups where people sell their pre-loved pieces. Don’t be afraid to message the buyer and negotiate a price if you think it’s too high.

  2. Browse eBay listings. If you don’t want to pay the suggested price, make an offer – you might be surprised what the seller would consider.

  3. Sign up for Vinted and Depop. Sometimes people sell old watches for all the money they can get, not realizing that they are worth a lot of money!

  4. Discover HomeSense and TK Maxx. They work with designer brands to pass the savings on to consumers, so look for a hidden treasure! Also, try to travel farther as other stores will have completely different items in stock.

  5. Go to warehouse outlets. These places will want to change stock and you’ll often find up to 70% off retail prices.

Tom Church, co-founder of, said: “Sharron’s dedication to finding watches at low prices is impressive. for offers?

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