Dentistry in the Metaverse: How The Dental Design Studio is using virtual reality to take dental care into new territory


The Dental Design Studio is the first dental group to enter the metaverse; build virtual practices that will deliver a whole new range of innovative healthcare services

The Dental Design Studio is forever changing dental care by becoming the first brand to bring dentistry into the metaverse.

The national group of dental practices – which has 15 locations across the UK – recently bought plots of land in The Sandbox, using the popular virtual space to create interactive mirror images of its surgeries.

Inside this incredible dental metaverse, patients will be able to sit in the dentist’s chair, communicate with staff, attend virtual treatments, participate in consultations and view dental hygiene videos.

Users create their own avatars to navigate the world – taking advantage of the digital elements on offer to customize their appearance exactly down to the look of their teeth.

Within the metaverse, regional surgeries are opening up to international audiences, attracting more visitors and increased revenue channels through the NFT marketplace.

Virtual dentistry also offers training opportunities – with the ability to deliver dental courses and lectures online.

The Dental Design Studio is the first group of dental practices to explore the virtual world, reflecting the brand’s ongoing commitment to innovation.

Originally launched in 2004, the multi-nominated dental group has practices from Lincolnshire to London all striving to deliver smart and advanced services to patients and staff.

Co-founder Dr. Jeff Sherer said, “At Dental Design Studio, we have always been interested in technology and have tried to innovate in all areas that will benefit our patients.

“As more and more people are starting to use the metaverse as a form of social interaction, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a group of dental practices in the metaverse – giving patients the chance to discover the dentist of a different way.

“Highly nervous patients and children can now see what the dentist is like from the comfort of their own home, preparing them for an upcoming visit.

“Through the magic of virtual reality, they can sit in a dental chair and activate interactive content teaching them how to take better care of their teeth.”

Dr. Sherer also points out the benefits that dentists themselves can enjoy by opening practices in the metaverse.

“Dentists can create all kinds of brand awareness and advertising opportunities in this world,” he says.

“They may offer NFTs that provide real-world membership benefits, such as free access to dental hygienists, or future benefits in the metaverse, such as avatar accessories, price discounts, or loyalty cards.

In an exclusive op-ed for, Dr Sherer pointed to the increase in NFT transaction volumes (over $10 billion) as evidence of financial opportunities within the metaverse for healthcare institutions.

The Dental Design Studio became the first dentist to take the plunge, but many more are expected to follow.

“Ultimately, our goal at Dental Design Studio has always been to reach and help more people,” Dr. Sherer said.

“Being able to visit the practice and learn a little more about dentistry will encourage phobic patients to learn about the environment and allay their fears, making them more likely to come for the treatment they need.”

To learn more about the wide range of innovative and quality dental care services offered by The Dental Design Studio, visit the official website.

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