Death’s Door sound designer explains the game’s musical transitions


Death’s Door has a killer soundtrack, so if you want to know how to make great video game pieces, this is definitely an how-to video to watch.

Death Gate Frog Patron - via Steam

Death’s Door is another great indie title from publisher Devolver Digital. A top-down adventure, you play as a small reaper of crows assigned by Death to collect souls. Along with the gorgeous world and soul-tight gameplay, Death’s Door also features a soundtrack that surpasses anything you’d expect from an indie title.

David Fenn, sound designer at Acid Nerve and composer of the music for Death’s Door, recently posted a video online about how the game’s soundtrack was created. The game features a bunch of boss fights with amazing transitions, and it turns out those smooth tunes took a ton of work.

The Frog King boss fight is one example. Originally comprised of an electronic jungle drum beat, combat also involves several transitions between seething darkness and giant frog combat. For starters, Fenn created the Phase 1 drum loop with an orchestral drum loop for an immediate “vertical” transition – this makes the fight suddenly more intense as the synthetic sounds are combined with something that sounds more “real”. . Fenn goes on to explain that each segment of the song has a similar segment with a gradual crescendo for that feeling of increasing intensity.

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You can hear it all come together after completing Phase 1 of the Frog King boss fight. As the water begins to bubble for the Frog King to make his jump in Phase 2, the intensity of the song gradually increases until Mr. King jumps onto the floating platforms.

Other sound effects, like the “HUH!” scream and the bubbling water is perfectly in sync with the music, so everything comes together in a seamless transition.

Death’s Door has 94% positive review status on Steam and recently crossed the 100,000-player mark. If you like isometric action, some RPG elements, and of course a mind-blowing soundtrack, you definitely need to walk through Death Gate. Oh, and don’t forget the very unique humor, either.

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