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Kids struggled last year, and this year parents should do everything possible to make sure their kids have fun! A great way to do this is to give kids a personalized experience by creating labels for each school item.

There are school essentials that every child needs – backpacks, files, water bottles and the addition of face masks and hand sanitizer, of course – but do you have ever noticed how boring old files and binders are?

Your children will likely have the same supplies as everyone else in the building. This is no way to let them express their creativity.

InchBug® has the tools you need to let kids have fun with tagging, while keeping their belongings with the rightful owner. And if your child is prone to losing items quickly, a tag will definitely prevent that item from ending up in lost and found items.

Using personalized labels with your child’s name, information and even a photo can make all the difference this year – and InchBug® has exactly what your child needs to stand out.

InchBug® is a company founded to make life easier for parents by using innovative Orbit® labels and adhesive labels that are reusable, customizable and can withstand repeated dishwashing, boiling and microwaving.

It’s not only fun, but it can help parents get their kids excited about school by creating labels to add to all of your child’s items.

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9 school essentials you can personalize with sticky and non-stick labels

1. Reusable water bottles

Water bottles have become popular over the years and are now one of the hottest school essentials. Water fountains will most likely be closed, making water bottles important for keeping your child hydrated.

InchBug® Orbit labels are great for labeling your child’s water bottles and tumblers.

The labels are non-stick, reusable, non-toxic, latex-free and dishwasher-safe. Plus, they’re super easy to use – just stretch them over the waterer you want them to be, and you’re good to go!

Now you won’t have to worry about your child’s water bottle or mug being misplaced once you add a personalized touch.

Customize your own InchBug® Orbit labels and get 2 for only $ 9.95. Order 4 labels and receive 15% discount!

2. Clothing labels

Clothing is a great school essential for any kid, preschool included – and no kid wants to be without the latest trends, of course.

InchBug® offers TagPal clothing labels which come in a variety of colors and allow parents and children to choose their own style. These labels are machine washable, tumble dry and are peel and stick – no ironing required!

In addition to being unique in their appearance, TagPal clothing tags mean your child knows specific items are theirs.

TagPal clothing tags come with 40 tags in each pack, for only $ 12.95!

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3. Backpacks, lunch bags and sports bags

Whether you’re buying a new backpack or reusing last year’s one, every child will need to bring one to and from school. To make it even more fun, InchBug® has a variety of bag tags that can go on backpacks, or any bag you want to label with your child’s name.

Not only are these bag tags available in rectangular and circular shapes, but they are designed to withstand harsh conditions and everyday use. Plus, each tag comes with a clear plastic buckle to attach it to any bag or luggage you choose.

InchBug® circular bag labels allow 3 lines of personalized text, and rectangular bag labels provide more space for detailed information.

InchBug® bag tags are sold separately and are available for purchase at prices starting at $ 5.95.

4. Breakfast essentials and food allergies

For children with food allergies, protect them while caregivers stay alert to their food allergies.

InchBug® offers a large assortment of allergy and bag tags, adhesive labels to attach to food containers and bag tags to add to lunch bins.

Forget the brown lunch bag this year! InchBug® a endless options for customizable labels This will allow your child to stay true to who they are, while still carrying an essential part of their day.

InchBug® offers adhesive labels for various food allergies. If your child’s specific allergy is not listed, you can customize the label to meet your needs. Inchbug® also offers allergy bag tags in circular and rectangular shapes to ensure children avoid foods that cause allergic reactions.

InchBug® Allergy Bag Labels are available in rectangular and circular shapes and educate others about harmful allergies to tree nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, gluten and seafood.

5. Face masks and hand sanitizers

These are the newest and most important essentials that every parent needs in their child’s backpack.

Keep children as safe as possible by using InchBug® mini-rectangle labels to wrap the earrings of your child’s face mask assortment. You can even use those same labels for their hand sanitizer.

Masks are useful, and sending kids to school with easily accessible hand sanitizer means they’re protected from bacteria and germs that they’re sure to catch on high-contact surfaces. It also means children will know that they are the only ones touching their own hand sanitizer.

6. Notebooks, folders and binders

These essential school supplies keep work organized, but why not make them a lot more fun to look at while keeping them tidy?

Elementary students can easily grab their binders and notebooks because InchBug® has so many ways to customize your school supplies, with fun and nifty stickers you can create to include your favorite colors and icons.

Want your binder or folder to bear your name? No problem! And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

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7. Manuals and picture books

Many schools require children to wrap their textbooks and avoid damage throughout the year. Parents also want to make sure these books are returned at the end of the year, so make sure these books are labeled with a design that your child loves.

That they want to create monogram labels or just simple solid color labels, your child will stand out for sure. These tags are also perfect for children attending daycare who want to keep track of their toys.

8. Preschool supplies, pencils and even phone cases

A pencil case is ideal for keeping all of your items in one place and easily accessible. And for older kids, a phone case helps keep their phone from breaking.

Spice things up using InchBug® Photo labels, which allow you to create unique labels by adding a photo. All you need to do is upload a photo and crop it to fit perfectly.

And if your child is a little younger and attends daycare, photo tags are ideal for caregivers because they help ensure that personal items are given to the right child.

Each photo label pack contains 16 personalized stickers for only $ 11.95!

9. Arts and crafts supplies

Some teachers include additional school supplies appropriate for their course. This can include arts and crafts supplies, as well as things like rulers, markers, and pens.

As a general rule, if the teacher asks for it, you should probably respect it! You don’t want your child to be the only one who didn’t bring what they asked for, do you?

And you can be sure that your kid keeps all of their arts and crafts supplies in one place, adding their name with a creative and fun touch.

Buy the Big Bundle Combo Pack for $ 39.95 and the Pee Wee Combo Pack for only $ 29.95!

InchBug® offers a Big Bundle Combo Pack that comes with 20 circular labels, 35 medium labels, 40 clothing labels and 2 circular bag labels; and a Pee Wee Combo Pack which includes 20 circular labels, 35 medium labels and 2 circular bag labels.

These labels are really perfect for all kinds of items your kids will be using all year round!

-Created in partnership with InchBug

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