Contextual Report: Fresh Cut Flowers is a clothing brand and concept piece


In a small white room above the Cloudforest Chocolate Factory on Southeast Morrison, flowers are for sale, some real and some conceptual. The pop-up, which runs through Labor Day weekend, represents a foray into physical space for two clothing brand designers, Trey Hales and James Fink.

The store takes its name from Hales’s Fresh Cut Flowers brand, and the pop-up seems largely under his direction, but Fink’s clothes are also on display – limited item designs for a brand called Daag. The brands are similar in that both are designers’ projects and make very limited runs of each item.

Despite the abundance of clothes, flowers – or their idea – are the main focus of the store.

The original idea for the upstairs pop-up was that Hales and Fink would sell clothes and a local floral designer, Cody Shulund, would sell real fresh cut flowers. “But the first weekend, we noticed that this environment was not conducive to the freshness of the flowers. Hales explains. “I said, ‘Well, do you want to make some dry ones? So he did this setup.

Shulund has carved a huge arrangement of dried flowers that appears to grow around two mirrors in the loft, then weaves its way through an interior window until it wraps around the upstairs entryway. It gives an art gallery feel to the space already with white walls.

“As the flowers dry, that keeps changing,” Hales points out.

Hales always wanted to sell bouquets to keep the original theme of the pop-up. And that’s how Fresh Cut Flowers became a place, the only one, where you can go in and buy a bouquet of dried flowers by local artist Manu Torres.

“People come especially for his business. They’re looking for specific things like these pink plush toys, ”Hales said, gesturing to a bouquet on her counter. “There’s nowhere else to get take-out bouquets from his projects.”

Since Torres was already making arrangements for Cloudforest below, the partnership easily fell into place.

Hales has been running Fresh Cut Flowers as an online label since 2018, but he’s been designing clothes for much of his adult life.

“I started in DIY [music] scene helping with tour management and merchandising, ”says Hales. “But then when I started working for a little bigger bands, the merch I was selling – I just thought it was so bad.”

Hales realized that designing group merchandise was something he was good at and loved to do. He still designs for freelance artists. “Now what I’m working on are whole spreads of merch; if they want the look to be really cohesive.

The cohesion and constraint of Fresh Cut Flowers lies in Hales’s playfulness around the idea of ​​flowers and floral arrangements in general.

The bulk of its products are hoodies, sweatshirts and graphic t-shirts. But he tried to push, in concepts like hats and hoodies that say “Florist,” a label that could be taken in a number of ways.

“I thought if I designed something using flowers, artwork, or reusing floral images,” he says, “is that some kind of floral work? Am I a florist? “


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