Collectif Ruani Jewelery – India’s first multi-designer jewelry store expands the pleasure of adornment


02 Nov 2021 14:20 STI

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], Nov 2 (ANI / Mediawire): Founded by Varuna D. Jani, RUANI doesn’t want to create a stimulating community that brings together the best jewelry.
Varuna, who comes from a line of powerful and trusted jewelers – the Popley family, has a vision that is bigger than herself.
Being a daughter of Ramchand Popley, Varuna’s vision as an entrepreneur and bird watcher is to present fine jewelry as an enhancer in an individual’s life. As a designer, she aims to continue to create modest designs that are transformative when worn and bold enough to make a statement. For Varuna, Ruani is like bringing his dream to life.
RUANI is India’s premier ecosystem where established and up-and-coming designers can innovate, create and experiment in a sustainable and stress-free environment, all under one roof. Ruani’s refreshing styles, designer discoveries, adornment and multi-designer approach create a wonderful thing in the modern retail jewelry market.
“Our credo is to protect against things that become static and boring. As a ‘place for wonderful things’, Ruani creates a magical place that is constantly reinventing itself through renewed styles, designer discoveries and ornaments in as a ritual. The name Ruani means soul. And we are here to bring back the moving connection we have with design and adornment. It brings together experience, excitement and energy, with the highest aesthetic designers from around the world, for a refreshing new take on adornment Varuna passionately defined the motif behind Ruani.
Ruani’s philosophy is also focused on the greater good of extending the “joy of parrying” to improve life and harness the power of fellowship. The brand aligns with the VOW (Very Own Wish) initiative for micro-finance and skills development to empower less fortunate women. With an uncompromising philosophy of brotherhood, Ruani creates a supportive environment where creativity can flourish unhindered and becomes the experiential destination for celebrating individuality.
With a three-pronged approach to multi-brand retailing, incubation and mentoring, Ruani enables passionate designers to find a new audience and simultaneously expand the horizons of the jewelry lover. Varuna’s insight into moving from an individual to an institution gives the jewelry connoisseur what they need.
Offering flavors of the world through his collective, Ruani is a place for wonderful things as he brings together local and world-famous jewelry names under one roof.

Varuna has always believed that a woman’s individuality should shine through, and there is nothing better than jewelry to do this job. Distilling the teachings of decades of styling and decorating, she has shaped four unique personalities rooted in a woman’s individuality: The Trendsetter, The Contemporary, The Vin-tempory & The Naturalist. To respond to these well-defined personalities, Ruani harnesses the power of the collective consciousness of design. His passion for bringing the soul back into designs has resulted in this exciting adventure which aims to create for the pleasure of adorning oneself and expressing oneself.
“Jewelry doesn’t just adorn the body, but ignites our soul. We’re here to enhance the inner glow that every woman wears. We call it the Joy of Adornment. We create a bespoke experience where the designers of adornments and top stylists are there to help create a complete look, ”Varuna said of the concept.
Varuna, jewelry designer and ornologist alongside Divyesh Shah, brings together experience, enthusiasm and energy, with the highest jewelry design aesthetic from around the world, for a refreshing new approach to adornment.
Divyesh, an expert in the luxury jewelry segment, has a deep understanding of the new-age jewelry connoisseur. The partnership is fueled by Varuna’s vision to adorn each woman according to her essence of style. With their business expertise and growth hacking abilities, along with their creative lineage, they are here to make RUANI the definitive destination for luxury jewelry enthusiasts.
Offering flavors of the world through Jewelery Collective, Ruani is a place for wonderful things as it brings together local and world famous names in the jewelry field under one roof. As an entrepreneur and ornateologist, Varuna’s vision is to present fine jewelry as an enhancer in the life of an individual. where jewelry is designed and sold for the sheer pleasure of adorning.
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