Caramelo Chains: The world’s first sustainable designer jewelry brand offering an unprecedented range of Cuban link chain color finishes.


Caramelo Chains specializes in unique and sustainable Cuban link designer jewelry using recycled stainless steel.

Prior to its launch, the Caramelo Chains team realized that buyers had always had a color limitation when it came to designer jewelry and Cuban Link chains. Cuban Link jewelry designs for bracelets and necklaces have always been in yellow gold, rose gold, stainless steel, or iced out, leaving customers with limited choice. Caramelo Chains is the first jewelry designer to explore other color finishes, offering a wide range of colors never before seen in the industry.

The Caramelo Cuban Link jewelry design has been one of the most popular link styles since the 70s – the style has grown in popularity in recent years. Caramelo Chains introduces a new variety in style, authentic Cuban link bracelets and necklaces with over 15 colors. Cuban link chains are hand assembled and custom finished to ensure high quality and a unique look.

“The quality of the Caramelo chain links is not comparable to traditional fashion jewelry found online due to the quality of the metal and ensures that the bracelets or chains will never rust or tarnish.”

Caramelo Chains is the world’s leading 360 degree sustainable designer jewelry brand specializing in unique jewelry. With growing concern over the state of the environment, many people have begun to think about the impact of their actions on the environment. Caramelo Chains is leading the charge in helping people shop guilt-free.

“We’re the first to use recycled stainless steel, the first to help clean up the ocean while you accessorize and plant a tree to offset carbon emissions in the shipping process. Every purchase eliminates over 1 lbs of ocean waste and each shipment plants 1 tree to offset CO2 emissions during the delivery process.Justin Low, Co-Founder

Luxury and designer jewelry brands are committed to offsetting their carbon footprint. However, Caramelo Chains not only follows guidelines to help with environmental cleaning, but also incorporates a 360-degree approach from production to shipping, becoming the first jewelry brand to use stainless steel from 100% recycled marine grade.

Caramelo Chains also offers carbon neutral shipping by planting a tree every time a shipment is made. “Our goals include providing buyers with stunning, high-quality, and eco-friendly jewelry while pushing other companies to follow suit.”

Ocean cleanup has also been a big part of Caramelo Chains’ efforts. The jewelry maker removes more than a pound of waste from the oceans and coasts of North America and the Caribbean.

As a sustainable company, Caramelo Chains is dedicated to carbon neutral shopping experiences for its customers. Using responsibly sourced materials helps make the world a better place. The brand’s Cuban link chains prove that durability and accessorizing can go hand in hand. Cuban Link necklaces and bracelets by Caramelo Chains are not only unique, but also show each customer’s support for cleanup efforts and environmental preservation.

“The concept behind Caramelo Chains is to give you the opportunity to buy high quality designer jewelry that matches your style, your outfit, your shoes, your car and just about anything.”

Caramelo Chains is calling on people to not only purchase its unique Cuban link jewelry, but also to share its efforts widely through the brand’s website and social media pages to help support this initiative. “The more everyone is aware of the environmental initiative, the more companies will copy and emulate our efforts.”

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