BUCK announces successful merger with VTProDesign

BUCK (“BUCK” or the “Company”), a global creative company that brings brands, stories and experiences to life through art, design and technology, today announced that it has would partner with VTProDesign (“VTProDesign”), the Los Angeles-based Interactive Design Studio. The move is the first-of-its-kind network expansion for BUCK and an organic next step for both companies as they continue to create innovative experiences for their customers, including Meta, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Airbnb and Netflix, to to name just a few.

Although both companies benefit from the integration at the operational level, the driving force behind the merger is to attract, retain and develop world-class talent. As the creative services industry continues to evolve, BUCK and VTProDesign are banking their success on how they work, not just what they create, putting a sustainable creative culture and commitment to craftsmanship at the forefront. plan.

Jeff Ellermeyer, Co-Founder and CEO of BUCK, said, “Our goal is really, really simple: to deliver amazing work by amazing people while fostering a strong culture. BUCK and VTProDesign is a partnership of exactly that. BUCK’s superpowers intersect design and technology, while VTProDesign has evolved its storytelling into experiences that blur the line between digital and physical. This partnership allows us to expand and grow with a network of like-minded talent and entrepreneurs across diverse offerings, geographies and customers. We couldn’t think of a better group of brains than VTProDesign to join the BUCK family.

With digital revenue growth in the advertising industry of 28%, the demand for immersive experiential marketing is also on the rise. 81% of B2B and B2C marketers are currently planning in-person events, with or without a virtual component. BUCK’s merger with VTProDesign will strengthen the company’s talent pool in this crucial area, combining expertise in physical experiences, interactive technologies, and bespoke tools to solve never-before-seen problems.

“VTProDesign has always been about growth and advancing innovation, reflecting our values ​​and evolution as designers. BUCK is a natural fit for us as we continue to grow our footprint, partnering with best-in-class creatives who are committed to craft, culture and people. The merger will ultimately result in tremendous growth for VTProDesign, unprecedented opportunity for our employees, and a truly impressive mix of creatives at one table. It’s a 5+5=11 situation, and we can’t wait to see what kind of groundbreaking work we come up with together,” said Vartan Chekmedyian, CEO of VTProDesign.

VTProDesign is no stranger to creating complete 360-degree experiences, regardless of medium, connecting people to brands, products and innovation through crafted experiences, using technology as a tool . The group names Netflix, Google, Ray-Ban and Heineken as part of its client list.

[Highlights of The Merge]

Network expansion is accretive for BUCK and VTProDesign, establishing a unique pool of creative talent and positioning them for large-scale business growth.

BUCK Brand Leadership: The BUCK team has the background and capabilities to quickly gain a significant presence in the design, technology and digital creative markets, as well as the expertise to integrate and incorporate new creations across a diverse group of verticals and platforms.

VTProDesign Brand Leadership: BUCK will be positioned with a top-notch creative team, as well as a leadership team comprised of high-performing and experienced design, creative technology and integrated production professionals across four offices in Los Angeles, New York and Sydney. , and Amsterdam.

Target Creative Market: BUCK believes it is best suited to expanding the network as an established, influential creative company with eight consecutive years of high double-digit revenue growth. For 2022, BUCK will manage over 600 employees globally with physical presences in LA, NY, Sydney and Amsterdam. The forecast for 2022 equates to 100% growth over the past three years, while managing the pandemic period.

The merger into VTProDesign is equivalent to an additional 50% of the workforce hired in 2021 to serve a diversified client offering. VTProDesign, also a high-growth company, is expected to add an additional 20% EBITDA to BUCK’s finances and double-digit revenue growth.

BUCK entered into an exclusive letter of intent with VTProDesign, officially closing on June 6, 2022, pursuant to which the two merged. VTProDesign will retain its identity, and Vartan Tchekmedyian and Michael Fullman will both retain their positions at VTProDesign.

[Management Team]

Jeff Ellermeyer, Founder and CEO of BUCK

Jeff Ellermeyer has worked for nearly three decades at the intersection of technology and design, culminating in his current role as co-founder and CEO of BUCK.

In 1996, Jeff founded Fullerene, a pioneering creative services company that worked with early web and music clients. In the early 2000s, when Jeff discovered motion design, he recognized it as the future of experience. He founded BUCK in 2003 on this belief and joined Ryan Honey and Orion Tait as partners.

Drawing on his background in computer science and filmmaking, Jeff’s enthusiasm for innovation and culture-changing creativity has guided him throughout his time at BUCK. His passion is to foster a scalable and sustainable creative culture that attracts, retains and develops the best talent in the world.

Ryan Honey, Founder, Co-Creative Director of BUCK

With over two decades of experience building and leading teams through groundbreaking content design and production, Ryan Honey is co-founder and co-creative director of BUCK.

Beginning in 1999, at the dawn of the broadband content revolution, Ryan served as Creative Director for Heavy.com, where he and his teams pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the browser. His background in live action and animation combined with his background in design led him to create an early motion graphics division with a strong focus on commercial production and network packaging. In 2003, Ryan left Heavy and moved to Los Angeles, where he later co-founded BUCK alongside Jeff Ellermeyer and Orion Tait.

Since then, Ryan has led numerous projects with world renowned clients such as Google, Apple, Meta, Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Toyota and Honda, winning numerous awards including an Emmy, multiple Gold Lions at Cannes, Clios, etc. 150 additional prizes awarded by the most prestigious industrial competitions in the world. Today, he continues to innovate, developing new capabilities at BUCK while driving global growth.

Wade Milne, CFO of BUCK

Wade Milne brings over 20 years of finance and global capital markets experience to his role as BUCK’s Chief Financial Officer.

A graduate in accounting, Wade began his career in small business tax consulting before working across multiple creative services brands, including the APAC region at parent company, IPG, where he successfully completed his CPA. After moving his base to the US market, Wade spent 5 years reshaping R/GA’s finance department on behalf of new management, partnering with the best in the industry for retooling and opening of new sites. Subsequently, Wade spent time with Private Equity, building his capital market muscle while strategically managing business operations for marketing and sales in global capital markets, before finding his long-term home at BUCK. .

Since joining BUCK in early 2020, Wade has successfully built its finance, FP&A, accounting function, overseen its first external audit, led the increase in debt, and become a critical contributor to the division and BUCK’s M&A strategy.

Vartan Chekmedyian CEO of VTProDesign

Vartan Tchekmedyian has been the CEO of VTProDesign since its inception, leading a team of artists, designers, and producers in providing high-level business strategy for all projects that pass through the LA interactive design studio. After graduating from USC in 2010 – where he offered turnkey event production for campus and corporate events – he founded VTProDesign as a team, with a simple goal of interacting with the public. through innovative media.

Over the course of several years, Vartan has managed to grow a small team focused on conceptualizing digital campaigns, extending to creating full 360 experiences. Whatever the medium, Vartan’s vision is to connect people to brands, products and innovation through craft experiences, using technology as a tool. Since then, the group has worked with household names such as Netflix, Google, Ray-Ban and Heineken, building a list of reputable clients.

Michael Fullman, Creative Director of VTProDesign

Michael is Creative Director at VTProDesign. He has been advancing VT’s vision for 10 years, overseeing and driving its creative growth and developing the organization to become a leader in interactive innovation.

Michael graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor’s degree in theater and began working in music tour design soon after. After joining VTPro, Michael dove into a combination of different projects, ranging from tour design for some wild acts to experiential designs for brands like Google.

Michael has a deep understanding of design and production and has collaborated with countless brands and artists to bring their most complex and technologically challenging ideas to life.

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