Brandon Maxwell Talks Fall 2022, The Scoop and Free Assembly


Brandon Maxwell is busy. The famous designer, who has fans like Meghan Markle, Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga and Blake Lively, launched his fall 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week, immediately followed by launches for Walmart’s Scoop and Free Assembly brands where he is creative director.

Although a Walmart collection might seem like an unexpected move for the designer who loves red carpets, Maxwell tells POPSUGAR it was a natural career progression. “I’ve been a lifelong Walmart shopper and continue to be,” he says. “It has always been a dream to work with Walmart. Everyone deserves affordable fashion.”

Both collections are available at Walmarts across the country, but Maxwell is particularly sentimental about the Texas store. Born in Longview, Texas, where his grandmother owned a boutique, he considers the experience a loophole moment. “I wanted to bring it back to the community where I come from,” says the 37-year-old designer. “It was exciting seeing my family last night trying things out, texting me what their favorite things are.”

I wanted to bring it back to the community where I come from.

As the launch marks a new partnership, Maxwell insists the design process is similar to his work on his eponymous line. “You think Walmart clothes are in so many more stores, which is super cool,” he says. “But everyday life is not very different. I had the chance to know a new team. That’s what fashion has always been for me: family, working as a family.”

The family also inspired Brandon Maxwell’s Fall 2022 collection, which he billed as a “love letter” to his ailing grandmother, who is battling Alzheimer’s disease. “Integrating it into the work allowed me to confront [her illness]and it was a lovely experience,” he says, adding that the blanket shawls and cozy fabrics were “meant to reflect the textures and silhouettes we loved together that were from another era.”

Read on to learn more about Brandon Maxwell’s vision for Scoop and Free Assembly, the personal meaning of his Fall 2022 collection and his thoughts on diversity on and off the track.


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