BMW i Vision flyer shows company idea for 2040 recyclable compact car


BMW has prepared several concept vehicles for the IAA 2021, which is being held in Munich for the first time. One of the exhibits is called BMW I Vision Circular, and it’s a concept vehicle that has never been shown before. Let us explain its main idea and design to you.

BMW’s latest concept vehicle is designed by the BMW i Design Studio, and it is designed for the year 2040.

It comes with 100% recyclable materials including the battery. The designers of BMW had several mottos when they designed this exhibit, and they are RE: THINK, RE: DUCE, RE: USE and RE: CYCLE.

The designers reinterpreted classic BMW icons for the front end and transformed the characteristic grille into a digital surface that merges with the headlights. BMW believes digital design could end geometric variations in lights and bumpers to reduce the number of materials and tools needed to build a car.

Seen from the side, the new concept car presents itself with a new BMW silhouette. As you can see, this is a single-volume (minivan), forward cab, and the proportions are unlike anything the German brand has shown so far.

At this point, we would like to point out that this is only a concept car and it might not be turned into a production vehicle. In addition, some of the lines and ideas presented might never reach a production BMW.

On the other hand, let’s read a little between the lines and highlight a few aspects of this concept car. First of all, it still has a steering wheel and pedals. This means that it is meant to be driven, which BMW i designers still consider to be a thing in 2040. Second, the interior has been completely redesigned, but it still has a conventional layout with two seats up front. and two seats in the front. the rear, while the exterior design looks aggressive.


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