and Datos Health are transforming digital healthcare by merging remote care automation and video-based vital measures

0, the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) powered general health and wellness video surveillance solutions, today announced a partnership with Datos Health, a global leader in automation remote care.

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The Datos Health platform will leverage’s award-winning technology, which provides real-time video health data including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity and pulse. – respiratory quotient (PRQ). Vital signs can be extracted from a patient by simply looking into the camera of a smartphone, laptop or tablet, for less than 60 seconds. With Datos Health’s fully customizable drag-and-drop design studio, vital signs measurements can be seamlessly integrated into any remote care journey and associated with patient-reported outcomes (PROs), providing providers a complete view of patient health as well as all the communication tools needed to intervene. and engage if necessary.

With the integration of’s technology, healthcare providers now have a unique advantage to measure patient vital signs remotely, regardless of location or time, allowing a larger patient population to benefit. of all that remote care has to offer, improving decision-making. and the patient experience. Additionally, the logistical challenges of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices are eliminated. Personalized care can be provided without any obligation on the patient or provider to purchase or distribute wearable devices or other devices, allowing for easy use in the comfort of the user’s home. Patient health data will be automatically recorded and accessed through the personal electronic medical record (EMR) for healthcare providers to review an individual’s measurement history and trends, to improve preventive care and help solve health problems in real time.

“We are delighted to partner with Datos Health, a major player in the field of remote care and patient monitoring. By leveraging their outstanding platform, we can now jointly deliver a powerful and efficient RPM tool, to the great benefit of caregivers and patients,” said David Maman, CEO and Co-Founder of “Our joint RPM solution enables healthcare providers to step into the future of healthcare, with ease of use and seamless efficiency proving to be an indispensable tool.”

Giving patients the freedom to use any camera they choose and providing them with automated assisted self-care through Datos Health’s CareApps will drive patient adherence, improve outcomes and reduce hospital admissions. The integration between Datos Health and replaces the need for patients to rely on multiple different devices to collect important vital information for their healthcare teams, as it can now be collected quickly and simultaneously, all from from a single device. Care teams receive accurate patient data to determine if intervention is needed, dose medications, closely manage symptoms, and personalize care plans in real time, so they can finally realize the full potential of remote care.

“This partnership will further strengthen our commitment to providing clinicians with the tools they need to practice medicine the way they want,” said Uri Bettesh, CEO and Founder of Datos Health. “Our platform’s open framework lends itself to endless integration options and allows us to integrate seamlessly with award-winning technology company, We know vital signs monitoring is an important part of remote care and together we want to make this data more easily accessible,” continued Bettesh. “Combining this data with the automated assisted self-care capabilities of our platform will revolutionize the delivery of care.

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The solution is not a medical device and should be considered as a self-assessment tool only.

About’s software-only, video-based health data platform is the next step in the evolution of health and wellness monitoring. By eliminating the need for dedicated wearables and hardware and turning smartphones, tablets and laptops into health and wellness monitoring tools, enables the health, insurance and property industries -be from around the world to access a huge range of health metrics, simply by asking users to look into their device’s camera. True to its vision and mission to support healthcare everywhere, makes access to user-provided healthcare data fast, simple and affordable and enables organizations to deliver quality personalized care and services. cheaper.

About Datos Health

Datos Health replaces today’s rigid, pre-built, remote patient monitoring solutions with a powerful open platform. Providers now have unlimited freedom to implement and customize the digital care programs of their choice. The flexible design studio allows physicians to tailor care workflows to their needs and protocols, either creating remote care programs from scratch or leveraging existing protocols from leading healthcare organizations. health. These workflows are then instantly transformed into CareApps for device-independent patients, allowing patients to self-manage parts of their care journey. Supported self-care is now an automated reality for patients and providers. No limitations. Sheer possibility. Datos Health – Your care, your way.

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