Bengaluru interior designer tested negative for drugs



Bengaluru interior designer tested negative for drugs

Police will now focus on ‘other evidence’ to investigate interior designer

Representative image.  Credit: iStock photo

A female interior designer who works for a large real estate company has tested negative for a drug test, police said.

She was questioned by Govindapura police on December 16 after she was allegedly in contact with Nigerian drug trafficker Thomas Anagaha Kalu, 37, who was arrested at HRBR Layout on August 12 with around 400 pills of ecstasy worth around Rs 15 lakh.

Police asked him to take a drug test, which turned out to be negative, an officer said.

Police will now focus on “other evidence” to investigate the interior designer. She denied having had any contact with Kalu, but told police that some of her staff may have been in contact with him.

A careful examination of the stranger’s appeal file showed that influential people were in contact with him and obtained illicit drugs. Police then arrested a model, real estate agent and DJ for drug use. They would also be the contacts of the Nigerian.

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