Bell presents new models of military aircraft


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – Billions of dollars are at stake, as two Huntsville businesses fight over military affairs.

It’s no secret that the military are looking for new and improved aircraft in their fleet of vehicles. The Bell 360 Invictus, is one of the potential solutions for the military.

“There’s nothing in this space that can compare with the kind of range and range you can get with this plane. Speed, reach, being able to give the customer what they want, ”said Keith Flail, vice president of Bell.

Full scale models of the Bell 360 Invictus, which is the smallest aircraft that can be used to drop missiles in combat and the B280 Valor, which has seats to transport members of the military during battle are on display at the Army Aviation at the VBC in Huntsville.

“This plane here is the next generation tilt rotor plane, so if it gives you the speed and range you can’t get with a typical onboard rotor system and we’ve been part of this proving campaign with the military to show it’s the right plane for them, ”Flail said.

Bell has an office in Huntsville and the employees say that if their designs are selected it will help and benefit us in the Tennessee Valley.

“We consider this to be one of our hiring centers. Not everyone involved in the design and construction of these planes needs to be in Texas. We have hired a lot of key talent here in the Huntsville area, ”said Flail.

Bell is currently in competition with Lockheed Martin Sikorsky, and the military will make decisions on which planes to build in the near future.

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