Balenciaga’s new sock boots baffled fashionistas


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Beauties, Balenciaga just unveiled their latest sock slipper for the Spring 22 season and it goes without saying that fashion heads are pretty confused.

The new bootie features what looks like a chunky white athletic sock that is attached to black slip-on sandals with a thin heel. The ribbed white socks feature the Balenciaga logo on the ankles in a contrasting black shade. The whole look is reminiscent of the trend for black sports socks and shower slides that blacks have been bringing in and out of the house for decades.

Check out the new look below.

Unsurprisingly, social media users were less than impressed with the new look, taking to the comments section to tweet their confusion and disappointment with the luxury fashion brand.

“No words…

one IG user commented while another said: “I want everyone involved to be arrested.” Another IG user wrote: “Tube sock too expensive”, while this user ‘IG said exactly what we thought: “A little corner store is special!”

But that’s not all that happens in Balenciaga’s s / s ’22 shoe line, and according to @Threadsgen’s Instagram, the designer label has plenty more in store for the coming season, including a new take on Crocs and neon pink and green point-toe boots.

Check out the selection of Balenciaga s / s ’22 shoes below!

Beauties, would you like to rock one of them?

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