Artus Loescher – a brand that designs interiors and buildings for the ultra-rich, opens furniture stores.


Artus Loescher, a Dubai-based company specializing in the design of state-of-the-art buildings and interiors, is opening luxury furniture stores.

The first stores will be opened in the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, France, Poland, the United States and Hong Kong. The furniture will be of the highest quality (mainly marble, porcelain, steel and leather) and a modern design, characteristic of the Artus Loescher brand. In addition to furniture, stores will offer all kinds of home accessories – from aromatic candles, dishes to bedding.

Most of the items will also be available for sale via the online store which is currently in the works. According to press sources, the official launch will take place after the holidays.

“We are very enthusiastic about this project because for many years our customers have been asking us for the possibility of buying furniture designed by us. Artus Loescher is a brand known to only a few and we would like to change that by reaching a wider audience. Until now, our clientele has consisted of ultra-rich people, for whom we have designed interiors, buildings and yachts. Soon, our projects (furniture and home accessories) will be accessible to a wider clientele. – said Elżbieta Nieużyła, Managing Director of Artus Loescher Europe.

Besides the ultra-modern art deco design, Artus Loescher has another card up his sleeve. The company strives to be the most innovative in facilitating the VR experience for its customers. Any interested clients can provide the Artus Loescher team with the dimensions of their house/apartment and the design team will design the space, place all the furniture and the client can experience the design as if standing in the room. For this, each showroom has a dedicated private room where, besides the VR experience, other design changes and adjustments can be made.

“Besides the best furniture and the highest level of design services, we have the best Italian coffee waiting for our customers”. said Elżbieta Nieużyła.

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