Anjali Phougat Honored to Design Outfits for Ohio State University Fashion Show Fundraiser for Victims of Domestic Violence | Bollywood


MUMBAI – Anjali Phougat partnered with Ohio State University as a designer for a fashion show on domestic violence and human trafficking. She said it was an honor for her to design outfits for a cause.

Phougat believes that true beauty is within and that people should grant privileges to others who really deserve it, but who do not have enough potential or resources to satisfy their desires. She felt honored when students from Ohio State University contacted her to design the outfits for this cause. They offered her money to design the outfits, but she refused. Funds raised through the show will go to educating victims of human trafficking and victims of domestic violence.

As a designer and fashion man, Phougat wants to send a message to the community that fashion is not just for exterior looks. She believes that members of her fellowship can still deliver wonderful messages, like using recyclable fabrics and providing a platform for people who deserve it. According to her, there are a lot of beautiful girls with a lack of resources and they can’t find the right platform. She thinks that design helps build self-confidence and helps someone build their personality, and going on stage wearing the right figure and the right clothes helps a lot in building self-confidence.

Phougat participated in the creation of the award-winning short film “Inclusion Through Unity” on inclusion and gender equality, which is a big issue within the South Asian community. She thinks a lot of people don’t talk about the LGBTQ community, including or breaking false beauty standards, supporting victims of domestic violence, and supporting victims of human trafficking.

The short film was also recently honored by the State of Ohio. Phougat shared the award with the film crew led by Alex Rogers. She sees recognition as a great accomplishment. The award went to the director and the whole team was honored.

The celebrity fashion designer and stylist has also taken many initiatives during the pandemic. She created a special designer mask and donated 100 cents in sales to an NGO that supports victims of domestic violence. She also donated numerous masks to frontline health workers in Ohio and provided PPE kits. Phougat has also tried to do something for the community which supports the education of children in the slums in India. She donates a percentage of the sales she gets from her website and social media to a cause.


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