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The graphic design studio behind The Wheel of Time introductory sequence explains how the animated tapestry of seven Aes Sedai alludes to the series’ themes.

The opening title sequence for Prime Video’s The wheel of time is a fascinating depiction of a tapestry being woven, and the studio behind it gets a glimpse of why these images were chosen and how they symbolize the themes of the fantasy series.

An analysis of the intro comes from Imaginary Forces, starting with the explanation: “In a world where hope takes you far but magic takes you further, our title streak sets the tone for the enduring fantasy saga. . ” The site then breaks down each element of the hyperrealistic animation that plays out at the start of each episode.

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Because the philosophy behind The wheel of time relies heavily on weaving metaphors, tapestry is an appropriate way to introduce the spectacle. The titular wheel spins the “pattern of ages” and characters who can channel the unique power would use different “weavings” to cast their spells. The imagery persists throughout the series, with a common refrain, “The wheel weaves as the wheel wants it”, and various references to the threads that make up the motif.

Imaginary Forces writes about incorporating these ideas, saying, “When showrunner Rafe Judkins asked us to design a main title that would bring the fantasy series to screen, we embraced the idea of ​​incorporating the themes of magic and matriarchy in the opening. breaking the world, a single strand of horizon shatters, bursting into a fan of jewel-toned threads as they overlap in a cosmic-scale loom. In our concept of a vast tapestry, power is channeled and patterns emerge. “

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The sequence varies between close-ups of the loom and different aspects of the weaving process, but gradually the images it creates are resolved individually. At the end, he zooms out to show the completed tapestry, with the figures of seven women of varying physical appearances and costumes arranged in a circle. They are not the main characters of the series, but rather represent the seven sects of the Aes Sedai, called Ajahs. Finally, the entire tapestry dissolves in a burst of light and the show’s logo appears.

“The seven Ajah colors of female Aes Sedai intertwine before the image unraveled to reveal our reimagined logo: an endless serpent spiral,” concludes Imaginary Forces. “And so ‘The wheel spins as the wheel wants …’, everything to start the cycle again.”

The wheel of time Season 1 is currently airing on Prime Video, with new episodes airing every Friday.

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Source: Imaginary forces

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