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MILAN – Andrea Adamo’s holiday season is shaping up to be busier than usual.

The Italian designer, one of the new names in the country’s fashion landscape with his Andreādamo brand of sensual, body-hugging knits, has launched a series of capsule collections with international retailers for the 2022 resort season.

Starting this month, Selfridges, Net-a-porter and Antonia have each added exclusive flagship items to their selection of the brand’s pieces to enrich their offerings in store and online.

Selfridges asked the designer to render three of the most distinctive items in the brand’s Spring 2022 collection in a new color, which was new for a brand known for its skin tone palette.

As a result, a ribbed cardigan with front pockets and graphic cutouts, flared pants with spiral intarsia embellishments on the sides and an asymmetric mini dress were introduced in a new hue of military green.

“This is the first time that we have introduced a suitable color. We have given them guidelines in this regard, so that the brand’s identity can always be respected. Then, based on the parameters we provided, the retailer opted for this shade, ”said Adamo.

For Net-a-porter, Adamo refined the silhouettes, designing two new styles for the e-merchant. These included a long ribbed black dress with revealing cutouts and a shorter option with frontal buttons in a nude tone.

Special Andreādamo dress for Net-a-porter.
Courtesy of Andréadamo

For Antonia, Milan’s luxury shopping destination, Adamo combined the two elements, designing a new style of curvy knit mini dress in military green.

The average price of capsule collections is around 450 to 500 euros, in line with the positioning of the brand that Adamo described as accessible luxury. Typically, the brand’s average retail price – which includes jersey pieces and underwear, in addition to knits – is $ 350.

The company first experimented with capsule collections by designing a special dress for LuisaViaRoma earlier this year and is now looking to strengthen that strategy to increase brand awareness both in Italy and in other markets.

“We covered the Italian market with LuisaViaRoma and Antonia, the UK with Selfridges and Net-a-porter, which also allowed us to reach customers in the rest of Europe and the US. We would now like to approach Asia, especially the Chinese market. “said Melania Ronchi, Brand Director of Andreādamo, revealing that the company’s goal is to partner with Lane Crawford.

“These kinds of projects require extra effort in terms of creativity and production, of course, but they are still interesting to us for a number of reasons. They allow us to increase our sales, support our business partners and improve the Andrea name, ”continued Ronchi, noting the exponential progress of the emerging brand since its launch last year.

Andrea Adamo launches capsule collections with

Special Andreādamo dress for Net-a-porter.
Courtesy of Andréadamo

In just three seasons, Andreādamo has captured the interest of major international retailers, including Modes and Sugar in Italy, Tsum in Moscow and Harvey Nichols in London.

“At the moment Italy, the US and the UK are our main markets, but we see great potential for growth in Eastern Europe,” Ronchi added.

Overall, the executive pointed out that the women’s clothing brand is performing particularly well on e-commerce platforms, both because of the new customer penchant for online shopping caused by the pandemic and for the significant brand engagement with a young audience.

From a design perspective, Adamo said he envisions his peers during the creative process, referring to a primary target of customers aged 25-37, but also noted that in reality this demographics are changing. according to geographic areas and products.

In luxury Italian resort destinations, on the one hand, sales are driven by a more mature clientele, who adore the brand’s long mesh dresses or second-skin pencil skirts, while the cropped mini-tops resonate more. with younger customers.

“It’s because sensuality has no age,” said Adamo, whose brand is also rooted in the message of body positivity she sends.

The label’s heterogeneous target matches the diversity of Adamo’s inspiring muses, whose credentials range from American activist Angela Davis and Brazilian ballet dancer Ingrid Silva to Hailey Bieber and Zendaya. While the first two personalities played a central role in inspiring the inclusive ideology behind the brand, the last two celebrities embody the unabashed attitude the brand wants to telegraph.

Special Andreādamo dress for Antonia.

Special Andreādamo dress for Antonia.
Courtesy of Andréadamo

Born in 1984 in Crotone – in the Italian region of Calabria – Adamo trained at Elisabetta Franchi before working in the evening clothing division of Roberto Cavalli. Other roles were at Zuhair Murad in Paris, as chief celebrity and special projects designer for Dolce & Gabbana, and most recently at Ingie Paris.

Under his eponymous brand, he celebrated being comfortable in his own skin through his alluring designs and using knits and seamless technology. Today, it introduces new techniques and expands product categories. As he prepares the fall 2022 collection which will be unveiled next February during Milan Fashion Week, Adamo has announced that he will present new fabrics and explore outerwear more.

In the longer term, the fate of the creator may not be linked only to Milan. Adamo revealed that he had two personal dreams – one leading to Paris, where one day he would like to present a couture collection under his brand, and the other leading to his hometown.

“I come from a city where there are no dreams and no hopes. It’s best known for crime, but one day I would like to host a show in my hometown to prove that even from a place like this, you can still believe in dreams, ”he concluded.


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