Amazon Crowdfunds Diane von Fürstenberg Echo Dot Smart Speaker Designs


Pre-order Echo Dot ‘Midnight Kiss’ by Diane von Fürstenberg

Amazon has teamed up with Belgian fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg to produce a series of Limited Edition Dressed Echo Dot Speakers. DvF Designs at $ 59.99 –Midnight kiss, Ikat, and Twigs– will only be achieved if their pre-order goal is reached by August 13th.

Amazon kicked off the Day 1 Editions Build It program in February with a trio of smart products, including a nutritional scale, cuckoo clock, and sticky note printer (only the printer is released). Customers are encouraged to weigh in on new items by pre-ordering their favorites, and if a concept hits its 30-day fundraising goal, Amazon will build it. Supporters pay a special early bird price and are only charged if and when the product is shipped.

Diane von Fürstenberg’s Ikat motif comes in black and white

Since their launch on Wednesday, the three prints are already generating interest. Midnight Kiss leads the pack with 20% of their pre-order goal achieved in one day, while Ikat and Twigs are also in contention with 10% and 4% respectively. Each design tells a story, whether it’s the lips talking to Alexa or the designer‘s iconic colors in one of her very first designs. Assuming the crowdfunding goals are met, the Special Echo Dots are expected to start shipping between December 2021 and March 2022. But other than the bold skins (and the slightly higher price), these Echo Dot devices are no different. of their more discreet siblings.

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As part of this collaboration, Amazon will donate an undisclosed amount to Vital voices, a non-profit organization selected by von Fürstenberg, which works with women leaders in the fields of economic empowerment, political participation and human rights.

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